Linky – July 8, 2011 – On John Beck, tank jobs, and comparisons to Jimmy Clausen


Self-righteous media members will try to keep Terrell Owens out of Hall of Fame – Jean-Jacques Taylor,

Yeah, he’s a Hall of Famer. He ought to a first ballot Hall of Famer. But the self rightous media that does the voting, and if you think I’m talking about you then I am talking about you, and you don’t think I’m talking about you I’m not talking about you … those people will keep him out. Just the same way kept Charles Haley out. You can’t look at Charles Haley’s resume and not say he’s a Hall of Fame player, but (he) treated some people like less than dog dung

I don’t think the comparison to Haley is apt.  While Haley might have been a jerk to a lot of people, his behavior never hurt his team.  However, when you think of the phrase “team cancer,” Owens is the poster child.  An argument could rightfully be made that teams were better off without T.O. than with him.  If I had a vote, he’s in, but I certainly wouldn’t blame anyone for leaving him off their ballot.  Frankly, I think Jean-Jacques Taylor is the one being self-righteous here.

Roy Williams gets his ring back – Brad Biggs, National Football Post


Lockout analysis: Offensive line – Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas

I agree that signing Kyle Kosier is priority, but no mention of Doug Free?

Cowboys Marvel Gear makes fans even douchier –

Packer fan angry that his favorite comic book heroes are now wearing Cowboys stuff.

Lockout analysis: Defensive line – Calvin Watkins, ESPN

Bowen, Hatcher and Spears all FA’s.

(Redskins, Eagles, and Giants news after the jump)…

Don’t expect too much from Redskins rookies too soon – Mike Jones, WaPo

Agree that expectations should be kept in check, but a large handful of these guys are going to get significant playing time.

John Beck vs. Jimmy Clausen – Rich Tandler, Real Redskins

I saw Rich going back and forth with some Redskins fans on twitter yesterday, and agree that the Panthers have little reason to give up Clausen for little compensation in a trade.  However, regarding which QB is better (Beck or Clausen), Rich writes:

The only advantage I can see Clausen having is his age; he is six years younger than Beck.

I think it’s more than just age.  Both QB’s were underwhelming in their small sample sizes to begin their careers.  However, Beck has had 3 more years in the league than Clausen and could never get back onto the field on teams with bad QBs.  Clausen has had far less time to improve his game than Beck.

Mark Moseley and the 1982 season: A case study in weird – Ethan Trex, Grantland

Great read.  Apparently, Mark Moseley won the 1982 MVP award.  For those of you younger guys that don’t know who Mark Moseley is, he was a kicker.  I actually looked it up to verify that he really won it, and sure enough

Starting Beck is no tank job by the Redskins – Dan Graziano, ESPN NFC East blog

Good job by Dan here.  I’ve seen the “tank job” suggestions, too, which is ridiculous, and I was going to address it myself.  Glad someone else did.  Coaches have to worry about… you know… getting fired.  Andrew Luck is a great prospect and all, but not so great if your replacement is drafting him first overall.

Plaxico Burress hanging with DeSean Jackson, talking about coming to Eagles – Jason Brewer, BGN

Obviously, Plax has at least some level of interest in playing for Philly.  The question is whether the Eagles want him.  Just for s’s and giggles, let’s review the pro’s and con’s once again.

Michael Vick is a scrambler, not a runner – Brian Solomon, McNabb or Kolb

Nice breakdown here by Brian on called running plays for Vick vs passing plays where Vick took off running.

The right RB to compliment McCoy – Sheil Kapadia, Moving the Chains

The title would lead one to believe this is a list of FA RB’s the Eagles could look to bring in.  It’s not.  It’s actually more about the OL in the run game, and a very good read.

Kerry Collins retires after 16 seasons – Kevin Armstrong, Daily News

Reading twitter posts yesterday, you’d think the guy died.  Sneakily good career, after looking like a disaster in the early going.

Grading the units: Running back – Rich Resch,

It’s hard to address this position not knowing whether or not Ahmad Bradshaw will return.

Agreed.  Rich also assumes Brandon Jacobs is returning, and while I acknowledge that Jerry Reese has even said Jacobs is coming back, I’m not 100% sure.


  1. Stephen says:

    I think all the evidence I need to say that Beck is a crappy QB is remembering how he plays. The times I’ve watched him he looked like he doesn’t belong in the NFL.

  2. brisulph says:

    Collins… what a strange ride of a career he had. if he stayed off the booze, maybe he would be more well remembered than he is now.

    1. Yeah, I always remember that video of him walking out of the jail (got a DUI, I think) with a cigar in his mouth and big smile on his face. I think that was the low point. But he got his act together, and people seem to really respect the guy now. Good for him. He’ll get some nice post-playing-career opportunities.

  3. Andrew says:

    Does TO deserve to be in the hall? Yes he does. I wouldnt vote him in though. Everything about being shuffled around that often feels wrong to me for a HOFer. You dont just get rid of a HOFer like that. He can still play too and the fact that for two years it took the Bills and the Bengals a long time to decide to sign him. If the teams in the league can just part ways with him like that and then be laxidasical in their efforts to sign him doesnt seem very Hall like to me.

    And still LOL at roy thinking that was a good idea

  4. Bill Ward says:

    So the fact that John Beck couldn’t get the starting nod over Flacco in Baltimore means he’s no good?

    Sorry, but Flacco is a fine QB for the Ravens, and has been relatively injury free. You can see the same possibilities with Todd Collins, who wasn’t GREAT, but did take the Redskins to the playoffs a couple years ago.

    No, I’m not saying Beck is a good QB (I’m skeptical), but the bashing of him based on not beating out Joe Flacco in Baltimore is pretty out there.

    Oh, and I remember seeing Mark Moseley win the NFL MVP award; he almost didn’t have a job coming out of training camp, as the Redskins were seriously considering letting him go because of his accuracy issue the past two years. Second year head coach Joe Gibbs put a lot on the line to keep his veteran over the promising rookie, though. It paid off in Pasadena when Moseley got to close out the scoring in Superbowl XVII.

    1. Who’s bashing him? All I said was that Clausen has had fewer opportunities. Would you dispute that?

      I’m hardly basing the statement that Beck couldn’t win QB starting jobs on teams with bad QB’s on Beck’s ONE YEAR in Baltimore. It’s more about his time in Miami.

      Stop me when I’m wrong on any of the following points:

      – After Beck’s rookie season (where he was the 3 behind Trent Green and Cleo Lemon), the Dolphins acquired THREE QB’s. They signed both Chad Pennington and Luke McCown, and drafted Chad Henne, correct? Pennington won the starting job, Henne became the 2. McCown injured his finger chopping firewood and was traded to Carolina. Not exactly a vote of confidence, right?

      – Then, during the offseason after his 2nd season, still buried as the 3, the Dolphins drafted Pat White, and cut Beck two days later.

      – When he signed with the Ravens, he was not only behind Flacco, but also behind Troy Smith. He was the 3 there, not the 2.

      – Then last year, with the Skins, also the 3.

      He’s never been more than a 3 his entire career. That’s not bashing. Those are just the facts.

      So am I justified in saying that Beck hasn’t beaten out some very questionable QB’s? I’d say historical evidence supports that, and then some.

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