MegaLinky – July 6, 2011 – The Redskins will likely not even get that conditional 6th or 7th rounder for Donny Mac

Donovan McNabb has "negative trade value," and won't even net the speculated "conditional 6th or 7th round pick"

Lots of great stuff in the news yesterday (at least by lockout standards), but before we get started…, please cut the crap with the video commercials that play automatically on every freaking page.  It’s annoying as hell, and it’s making your website totally unnavigable.  Thank you.  Moving on:

Kolb question is all about value – Dan Graziano, ESPN NFC East blog

This is about the ongoing debate of whether or not the Eagles should (or shouldn’t) trade Kolb because he’s a valuable 2.  Dan comes to the obvious (and somehow often forgotten) conclusion that yes, the Eagles most certainly should trade Kolb is the value is there.  Just for the purposes of putting it on record (again), I’m thinking a 1 and a 4.

Coming off big season, Jason Babin waiting for big pay day – Brad Biggs, National Football Post

Babin has been a name linked with the Eagles.  I think they might be better served to set their sites higher.

Trent Cole the best 4-3 DE in the league the past three years – Khaled Elsayed, Pro Football Focus

Great player, but most certainly not the best 4-3 DE in the league.

Eagles figure to be busy when lockout ends – Jaff McLane,

Jeff lists 10 things the Eagles could/should do once business opens again in the NFL

Mornhinweg would rather be the Eagles’ 2 than a bad team’s 1 – Marcus Hayes, (bathroom read)

Anytime you stick a microphone in front of Michael Vick long enough, at some point he’s going to praise Marty Mornhinweg.

Importance of Iowa – Tommy Lawlor, IgglesBlitz

Great, Tommy.  Thanks.  If I didn’t already have enough to do between my real job, writing, the wife, taking care of the dog and cat, and a kid on the way, now I’m searching for Iowa games on ESPN U to record.

(Giants, Cowboys, and Redskins news after the jump)…

Giants Clayton expecting he’ll catch back on – Paul Schwatz, NY Post

With no shortage of young and talented receivers on the Giants roster, Clayton has a steep uphill battle ahead of him.  It’s crazy when you look at his rookie numbers with the Bucs: 80-1193-7.  That’s better than what any of the young, early-budding NFC East star receivers (Jackson, Maclin, Nicks, Bryant) did their rookie seasons.  What happened to this guy?

Midseason hook for TC? That won’t happen – Ed Valentine, Big Blue View

I agree that it’s extremely unlikely, but you never know.  Two years ago, the Giants quit.  They lost 41-9 to the Panthers at home, and then 44-7 in Minnesota in the final two games of the season once they were out of playoff contention.  If Coughlin’s SB win hadn’t been so recent, he would have been a major candidate to be canned.  In 2011, he’ll be 4 years removed from that SB win, and if his team quits on him again (and it would obviously have to occur earlier in the season), I could see the team pulling the plug mid-season.

Eli Manning and Osi Umenyiora deserved Top 100 honors according to NFL panel – Andrew Illnicki, GMen HQ

You could make a case for any one of the following Giants players and no one should bat an eye: Eli Manning, Chris Snee, Kareem McKenzie, Hakeem Nicks, Justin Tuck, and Osi Umenyiora. I mean it wasn’t that long ago the Giants won a Super Bowl ring thanks to most of these guys, who are still performing at a very high level in case no one has noticed.

I agree on Osi.  Crybaby that he may be (and I wonder if the players punished him for that), the man goes out and just makes plays.  Manning isn’t the slam dunk in my eyes that most Giants fans think he is.  A lot of people cherrypick guys that are on the list and say “What? How the hell is that guy on there instead of (fill in the name of a good player on your favorite team)?!?!?!?”  For example, Giants fans point to Donovan McNabb being put on the list over Manning, which I agree is suspect.  However, if you considered all the snubs from each of the 31 other teams (keeping it in the NFC East, think guys like Brian Orakpo), I think we’d find that Manning is very much right on that 100 border.  As for Kareem McKenzie… Come on now, Andrew.  Let’s get real.

Matt Dodge looking to bury the past – John Fennelly,

Obviously, as John points out, there’s more to punting than just having a strong leg.

Coaches on hot seat will likely have fate decided by QB play – Steve Wyche,

Garrett/Romo make the list, which makes no sense whatsoever seeing as Garrett just signed a 4-year deal in February.  I think he’s safe.

The Cowboys may be moving on from Roy Williams – Dan Pompei, NFP

*The loaded veteran market of available wide receivers could become more loaded if the Cowboys send Roy Williams packing, and it’s looking more and more like that will happen. There are two reasons why Williams is likely going to be a former Cowboy in the near future. The first is he’s making more money than he’s worth. The second is the team wants to clear the way for Dez Bryan to play more. There will be a healthy market for Williams though. His effort and attitude has remained good in Dallas despite the fact that he hasn’t found his niche in the offense, and that will help him find future employment.

Pompei lists two good reasons to move on, but misses the most important one: Roy Williams stinks.  I’m already on record as saying the Cowboys most certainly should cut Williams the second they have the chance.  Williams will actually count more against the cap this year if they cut him than if they keep him.  But that cap hit is coming at some point anyway, since he’s signed through the 2014 season.  Cut bait, Cowboys.  Do it like you’re ripping off a band aid.  Don’t pull it slowly and inflict more pain on yourselves.  One motion – right off!

After marriage proposal by mail goes wrong, Cowboys’ Roy Williams wants his ring back – SportsDay DFW

According to a court affidavit signed by Williams, he sent the ring in the mail to Daniels along with a recorded proposal. The proposal came as a pre-Valentine’s Day surprise along with $5,000 for bills and a baseball for Daniels’ brother. Daniels rejected the proposal and failed to return the ring, according to the affidavit.

Not to pile on Roy Williams here, but… Oof.  First of all, who the hell proposes by mail with a recorded message?  That’s the adult version of sending something like this:

Poll: Tell us who you think the DFW’s best looking athlete is – SportsDay DFW

Not sure how strong my female Cowboys fan demographic is, but this one is for you.  Apparently C.J. Wilson of the Rangers is dreamy.

Gerald Sensabaugh on Cowboys shopping list? – OCC, Blogging the Boys

I happened to catch this on NFLN as I was putting these links together.  Makes sense.  Two things here:

1) I think the Cowboys should try to resign Sensi, but at the right price.

2) I think Sensi thinks he should make more than he really should.

Obviously, 1 and 2 don’t match up well.

“Surprising if any team offered more than a sixth- or conditional seventh-round pick for (Donovan McNabb) – Jason Reid, WaPo

This post by Reid created quite a stir yesterday.  Frankly, the Redskins won’t even get a conditional 6 or 7.  They won’t get anything.  McNabb’s contract details, via rotoworld:

11/15/2010: Signed a six-year, $89.2 million contract. The deal included a $3.5 million signing bonus and $13.75 million in the first year, all told. Another $10 million is available through incentives, although they are based on annual Super Bowl appearances and “unlikely to be earned.” McNabb is eligible for annual $250,000 workout bonuses in years two through six. 2011: $1.75 million (+ $10 million option bonus + $750,000 in per-game roster bonuses), 2012: $11.5 million (+ $750,000 in per-game roster bonuses), 2013: $12.5 million (+ $1.5 million in per-game roster bonuses), 2014: $13 million (+ $3 million in per-game roster bonuses), 2015: $12.75 million (+ $2.25 million in per-game roster bonuses), 2016: Free Agent

OK, four things here:

1) That’s an awful contract.

2) Any team that trades for McNabb inherits that awful contract. No team in the NFL (even the dumbest ones) are touching that contract with a 10-foot pole.

3) There’s no way in hell the Redskins will keep (and pay) McNabb.  Therefore, any interested teams know full well the Skins are going to eventually cut him.

4) The only incentive that McNabb has to negotiate a pay cut with a team that might be interested in trading for him, is the tiny bit of leverage the Redskins have, which is that they can hang onto his rights until the the first week of the season before that bonus kicks in.

McNabb has “negative trade value,” meaning it would do more harm than good for a team to acquire him at his current contract number, even if he came with no trade compensation.  You can’t have this guy showing up for workouts when camp begins, Skins, or you’re going to have a sideshow on your hands for the second consecutive offseason.  The Redskins have 12 rookie draft picks – Don’t show them from Day 1 that their organization is a pack of stubborn idiots.  It was a mistake to trade for McNabb – Just own the mistake and cut bait.

Redskins planning to start camp in 3 weeks – Rich Tandler, Real Redskins

The Cowboys also set their camp date.  Encouraging.

Redskins will likely go into 2011 with zero of NFLN’s “Top 100” players – DShif, Hogs Haven

They join the Bills, Bengals and Seahawks as teams that will not field a player this year who made the list.

Santana Moss wants to quickly re-sign with the Skins – Dan Steinberg, DC Sports Bog

Redskins, take me off real quick, and let’s just go on ahead and play some football.

Wow, I kinda like Santana Moss.

Chris Cooley on the decline? – Matt Terl, Official Redskins Blog

Pat Kirwan thinks so.  Matt disagrees.


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    Thank you for sharing this information with us…Cheers

  2. Hey there blogger, just wanted to ask you…what kind of theme is it that you use. Is it a plugin that I can download somewhere?

  3. The Legend says:

    Derrick Gunn said that it’s a “given” that Babin is returning to the Eagles. I agree with you that they should go after Johnson instead & I think with the way Howie is I think he would rather go after Johnson & maybe a couple other guys first who are better. Also I think Babin has kinda made it clear that coming back to Philly isn’t his 1st choice & he’s looking for the money, I don’t see us giving him that money.

  4. First, a preface. I asked my staff at to give me the players on the Giants roster they felt could be on that Top 100 list. All of them had a shot if you’re objective. This list was not, but realistically – Tuck, Snee, Manning, Umenyiora should without question be on that list.

    Arguably, you look at that Giants offensive line and all of those guys are good. But McKenzie has been consistently great the last several years. In 2010 — he was the #1 ranked RT on Pro Football Focus. #6 last year. #5 the year before that. Jake Long made #28 on the Top 100 while McKenzie is practically right there next to him the past 3 years in terms of production. Kareem IS ARGUABLY a Top 100 player, period. Say what you want about Diehl at LT, but Snee and McKenzie are still basically the best ROL tandem in the league.

    1. I took a quick look expecting to find another team with a better combo, but I think you might have something there when saying Snee/McKenzie form the best ROL tandem in the NFL. Definitely not knocking McKenzie, just to clarify. I think McKenzie is a really good player, but he’s not a Top 100 NFL player by any stretch. A “Top 100 player” is a guy that’s in the top 5 percentile of the league. Again, good NFL starter, but not top 5 percentile.

      Also, for what it’s worth, I place very little value Pro Football Focus’ rating system. Love some of the stuff they do (like snap counts and other raw data), but anything that’s left to their interpretation is dubious, at best. I mean, they have DeSean Jackson as the 104th best WR in the league:

      1. I think “not a top 100 player by any stretch” is where you’re wrong. “not a top 100 player” obviously… but he arguably is right on the cusp. Giants supporters certainly think its arguable that he should be there, and the production on the field year after year in terms of run blocking, pass blocking — dudes a beast.

        I saw your desean jackson article before and I think the thing about PFF is that WR is so hard to grade, so many facets, and how do you measure and rank big play ability and game winning receptions on a black and white stat sheet. hard to do. Linemen on the other hand — its the opposite. consistency in doing your job and not making mistakes — getting to the second level in run blocking, allowing your offense to progress down the field and the Giants have a host of linemen that do that. It’s not 2008 anymore for sure with these guys, but Snee and McKenzie have been absolute studs the last several years and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. “By any stretch” just doesn’t fit in with me.

        Particularly when you consider another example — Eli Manning didn’t make the list. Yet Joe Flacco did? Joe Flacco should not have made the list “By any stretch.” McKenzie, maybe. Manning, abs-frickin-lutely should have been on that list and it’s a slap in the face that he didn’t.

  5. Immynimmy says:

    If we don’t sign Nnamdi, I REALLY hope the Eagles go after Charles Johnson. There really is no reason why they should not sign at least 1 pro bowl caliber player once the free agency opens.

    Also, it should be set in stone that the Cowboys will decide to dump Williams. However, in addition to Sam hurd most likely leaving via FA (If I remember correctly), they will only have Dez Byrant, Miles Austin, a less than spectacular Kevin Ogletree, a rookie 6th round pick in Dwayne Harris (who I actually kinda liked), and a few other below average WRs. Since they have salary cap issues, I would not be suprised if they go after Burress, who will be cheap.

  6. plektor says:

    A 1 and a 4 for Kolb is an awful lot as far as I’m concerned.
    The man didn’t show that he can be a starter in this league. He showed that maybe he could be one.
    Taking into account that very few QB are available, I could see him going for a 2.

    I’m not saying it won’t happen, but whoever gives this much for Kolb is a fool.
    A lucky fool if Kolb ends up being decent (which we have no way of knowing right now) but a fool nontheless.

    Kareem McKenzie was a top 3 RT last season btw.

    1. I disagree that “maybe” he showed he can be a starter in the NFL. I think he absolutely showed exactly that, especially considering the state of the QB position in the NFL. I think where the “maybe” comes in is whether or not he can be a really good QB… consistently. That could take some time, as it usually does for every successful NFL QB.

      As for a 2, I’ll offer the same friendly deal to you that I’ve offered to so many others this offseason that have him pegged for a 2, but nothing more: If Kolb goes for a 2 or lower, you win. If he goes for anything higher than a 2, I win. Obviously, if players are involved, that messes up the bet. Name the stakes and you’re on. (This offer isn’t just limited to plektor, by the way. It’s open to all, although I’ve yet to have anyone take me up on it).

      Regarding McKenzie, I haven’t studied the game film on all 32 RT’s league-wide, so I can’t really say if he’s Top 3 or not, although I’d be inclined to say that’s a stretch. He’s a really good player – but my commentary above was that it’s a little silly to even consider him anything reasonably close to one of the 100 best players in the league.

      1. plektor says:

        I’ll take that bet, what am I to lose ?

        I did write that I could see him go for something higher, seeing how desperate people are (Seattle traded a 3rd and switch for Whitehurst, a guy who had no start in 3 years).
        But I’ll take it 🙂

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