Linky – July 4, 2011 – Happy Birthday, America!

Readers rally around Washington City Paper – Sydney Ember, NY Times

When Daniel Snyder, the owner of the Washington Redskins, filed a defamation lawsuit against the Washington City Paper in February, readers rushed to show their support — and the newspaper gave them an outlet. The City Paper set up a fund for reader donations meant to offset the litigation fees, collecting 600 donations totaling $28,000 in the first three weeks.

Two things here:

1) Incredible that so many people with little to gain are putting up their own money to fight the owner of the local football team.  Dan Snyder is a raging asshole.

2) The piece that Snyder is getting all pissy about is one of the best, most well-researched, entertaining things I’ve ever read.  Sometimes I think I’m a decent writer, but when I read something like the piece by Dave McKenna I’m reminded of just how average I am.

Redskins are only NFC East team for Terrelle Pryor – Dan Graziano, ESPN NFC East blog

Impressive athlete, impressive size (6’6, 233), but I’m not sure he’s an NFL QB.  Late round flyer in the supplemental draft?  Might make sense for the Skins, who have 8 picks in the 2012 draft.

(Eagles, Giants, and Cowboys news after the jump)…

Seattle sports radio host: Heard from a source Seahawks have offered Eagles 1st and 3rd for Kolb – Me, BGN

I’ve watched countless hours of Kevin Kolb game film and am as big of a believer in his abilities as anyone, but even a 1 and a 3 is more than I’d expect the Eagles to get in return.

Just do it: Nike brings Eagles’ Vick back into the fold – Jeff McLane,

Ballsy.  Pretty much a 100% guarantee that first Vick commercial Nike runs is controversial as hell.

Mike Kafka to replace Kevin Kolb? – Tim McManus, Philly Sports Daily

If the Eagles don’t sign a veteran QB to be the 2 behind Vick, Kafka will receive a ton of attention from the media in camp.

Reese facing Giants decisions – Paul Schwartz, NY Post

The Cowboys have the most important individual free agent ready to hit the open market in Doug Free, but the Giants easily have the most key players hitting free agency.

New York Giants’ WRs poised for huge season – Christopher Spina,

Extremely talented group of WRs in NJ.  They’ll need to stay healthy, and they’ll need that OL to hold up to put up the big numbers Christopher is hoping for.

New York Giants notes: A.J. Smith still mad at Eli Manning – Ed Valentine

Nice, A.J. Way to be a grownup and move on with your life.

I find A.J. Smith to be a dope, but I can completely empathize with the grudge he still holds against Eli.  The Eagles organization probably still holds a grudge against Terrell Owens.  The Redskins will always have a bad taste in their mouths toward Albert Haynesworth.  And hell, look at all the Giants players coming out of the woodwork to bash Tiki Barber lately.  A.J. Smith should “be a grownup and move on with his life?”  I don’t think so.  Eli Manning acted like an entitled child when he made it clear he wouldn’t play for the Chargers, and if I were their GM, I’d still be pissed too.

Draft changes Choice’s status in Dallas – Bob Sturm, SportsDay DFW

Jason Garrett doesn’t trust Tashard Choice.  More on that later this week (teaser alert).

Frustration rising for Cowboys’ draft choice – Gerry Fraley,

Kid seems to care.

Martellus Bennett: Dez Bryant and I are the Bash Brothers on the field – SportsDay DFW

Anything I say, they flip it. Oh, Martellus doesn’t like Dez. I love Dez. Me and Dez are like the Bash Brothers on the field. He does more bashing than I do cause he gets the ball more.

Martellus has touched the ball just 68 times in 46 games as a pro, to be exact.


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  2. Tracer Bullet says:

    I don’t know if Pryor is a good idea for Washington because he’s going to need a long time and a lot of commitment from a stable coach and front office. That ain’t Washington under Snyder.

  3. The Legend says:

    I can understand why Smith holds the grudge but he shouldn’t hold it imo. He got the better QB in the deal I know Giant fans are going to say “which QB has the ring” but Eli didn’t win that ring by himself

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