Linky – June 28, 2011 – Say no to Aubrayo, Redskins

Aubrayo Franklin: 31 years old and likely to be severely overpaid. He should be a Redskin by 12:01am on the first day of free agency.

DeMarcus Ware: ‘I should be the No. 1 guy’ on list of top 100 NFL players – Jon Machota SportsDay DFW

He should be higher than where he was ranked at 12, but let’s not get carried away, DeMarcus.

How the Cowboys can create salary-cap space – Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas

Todd plan is to re-work the deals of Tony Romo, DeMarcus Ware, and Miles Austin.  While re-working their deals would provide temporary relief, it would give each player a higher cap number in future years.

DE Marcus Spears likely walks – Bob Sturm,

I think it’s probably safe to call Spears a bust at this point.  The Cowboys also have free agent DE’s Stephen Bowen and Jason Hatcher.

Martellus Bennett ‘trying to stay sexy,’ working out with McGee – Jon Machota, SportsDay DFW

The knock on Bennett is that he likes the luxuries that being an NFL player affords him, but doesn’t like doing what it takes to be great at his job.  This is a contract year for Bennett, so maybe Cowboys fans will see his best this year.

Will Aubrayo Franklin be Redskins top target? – Rich Tandler, Real Redskins

Don’t do it, Dan.  Keep repeating the following mantra – “We’re not competing this year.  We’re not competing this year.  We’re not competing this year.”  Franklin turns 31 in August, and is going to get paid.  I understand that a 3-4 defense without a good NT is a bad thing (and Aubrayo Franklin is good), but resist your urges, Skins.  Think youth.

Brian Orakpo has cooled down over pass rushing list – Rick Maese, The Insider

Here’s the list Orakpo was peeved about.  I think he has a right to be disappointed not being in the top 10, but it shouldn’t have been a huge surprise.  If you look at the top 10, those guys are all excellent pass rushers, and Cameron Wake aside, have all been doing it much longer.  However, for Orakpo not to receive a single vote when guys like Chris Long did is a little ridiculous.

Robinson hopes speed thrills Redskins – Ross Leonhart, Redskins Mothership

The Skins suddenly have a lot of shrimpy speedy guys that can stretch the field.  Whenever the discussion of the best WR corps in the NFC East comes up, the first sentence is usually something like “I like we can immediately throw out the Redskins.”  However, they drafted a few guys in the later rounds, and if one or two of them pan out, the Skins could be improved there.

Joe Gibbs confident Redskins will win under Mike Shanahan – Nate Davis, USA Today

Personally, I thought Shanny did one of the worst head coaching jobs in the league last year.  He has some ground to make up.

Terrell Owens tears ACL, is his career over – Jason Brewer, BGN

Love the comment from “AusEagle” in the comment section: “Does he go into the HOF as a 49er, Eagle (Highly Unlikley) or Cowboy?”  It’s a great question.  There are bad feelings between Owens and every team he ever played with for more than one season.  I’d have to guess the 49ers.

Clayton brings big ideas to Eagles’ workout – Geoff Mosher, Courier Post

Clayton was one of the rookies that impressed me during camp last offseason.  He could see a bigger role this season, likely as a nickle LB.

Could Jonathan Joseph be an Eagles target? – Tommy Lawlor, SBN Philly

While complimentary of Joseph’s game, Tommy doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of the fit.

Agent says Akers is most likely done in Philly – Mike Reisman, B/R

Kinda figured that one out a few seconds after I saw Alex Henery’s name pop up on the scroller during the draft.  The interesting tidbit here though is that Akers’ agent said he’d likely seek employment elsewhere in the NFC East.

Chad Jones and family reflect on the year that followed his life-altering crash – Ohm, ESPN NY

Good read here by Ohm.

Chris Canty wants to continue lining up alongside Osi Umenyiora – Kevin Armstrong, Daily News

Obviously, the Giants are better off with Osi, than without him.  His FF numbers speaks for itself – He makes plays.  Add in the fact that Mathias Kiwanuka and Dave Tollefson are free agents, and Osi’s presence becomes that much more important.  Giants fans just have to hope he’s not going to be a turd about his more-than-fair contract.

Eli: G Men would take Plax over Barber – Paul Schwartz, NY Post

Not surprising in the least that he’d feel that way.  Surprising that he’d say so.

Prince Amukamara fired up that Ashley is over Bentley on “The Bachelorette” – Prince’s Twitter account

In related news, Prince approves of New York legalizing gay marriage.  I kiiiiiiiiid, I kiiiiiid.  Kudos to Prince for being secure enough in his masculinity to make such an admission.  He has inspired me to do the same.  Ready?  I have a cat.  His name is Butters.  I love Butters and Butters loves me.  And that’s OK.  Anyone else?

"Everyone knows it's Butters..." "That's me!"


  1. Kushan says:

    @Jimmy – Did you write the code for your site? I’m a web developer and I’m curious as to what technologies you use and how much time/effort it took you to get this up and running..

    Great job by the way with the look and feel. I’m diggin’ the UI. And the comment section looks/works great too. Keep up the great work with the content!

    1. No, this was a pre-existing WordPress theme. “PrimePress,” I think. It took an assload of time trying to customize it, and I’m still working on it. It’s getting there. I’m awful with the coding stuff, but get a little better every day – Was proud of myself for figuring out how to make the header clickable to get back to the home page – Just figured that out a couple days ago.

      And thanks.

  2. Kushan says:

    @Jimmy – Care to take a stab at who you think will be the starter at LDE?

    1. For the Eagles? Based on the current roster, the default would be Juqua Parker. I’ve been speculating for the past couple years that the Eagles might cut Parker, but he keeps churning along. He’s 33 now, and will make $3.5 mil this year (it’s the final year of his deal). Not sure the Eagles will pay that. If Parker isn’t in their plans, the starting opening day LDE might not currently be on the roster.

  3. Kushan says:

    If four year veterans hit the market, I hope we don’t lose Beef Stew. Hopefully, being a buyer’s market, we can resign him for a reasonable price.

  4. Andrew says:

    Lol at there being a hockey player at the Eagles workout. That was so random.

    If Clayton and Chaney win starting jobs who would the 3rd LB going to be? Stu or MoFo?

    1. I think the starters will be Chaney, Bradley, and MoFo, although I’m not quite sure where each guy will play. Clayton is probably still a little too small to hold up against the run, so I think the Eagles will use him situationally.

      1. Andrew says:

        What do you think the odds are of them putting him at safety? He said thats where his heart is really at, and if we have to rely on Kurt and Jarret why not at least give him a shot? I guess the doesnt really take in to consideration Allen but idk how his knee is gonna be by the season.

        If those are the starters I would put Chaney at MLB with Stu at SAM with mofo at WLB. He has the speed needed to cover he ran a 4.65 40 at the combine. And stu played Sam at Nebraska so let him get back to that. Just my opinion though

        1. That LB rotation is a possibility. They could also go with Stew at the MIKE, chaney and the WILL, and MoFo as the SAM. Should be interesting to see how it shakes out in camp.

          And Clayton may get some looks at S, but he’ll primarily be a LB. He played at S for a few snaps against the Colts last year, but I think that’ll be rare going forward. I think the Eagles would like to see Jarrett win the SS job with Allen at FS (Allen is reportedly on schedule to be ready for camp, just FYI), with Coleman as the primary backup at both S spots. I think they’ll work in some sets where all 3 guys are on the field at the same time, too.

          1. Andrew says:

            Hmm I was unaware he got snaps at S at all last year. How’d he play?

            Did Allen say that? or was it a trainer,cause athletes always say its going on schedule. Id love for him to come back the same just not going to get my hopes up that itll be by the season start. hope im wrong though.

            It would be cool to see one of your video breakdowns on Chaney on his starts but thats just me being selfish. Plus you dont wanna look more biased than you apparently are right now

            1. “It would be cool to see one of your video breakdowns on Chaney on his starts but thats just me being selfish.”

              Done and done –

              I’ve seen multiple reports on Allen saying he’ll be ready (and not just from Allen), although I don’t remember where. Easily googlable, I’d guess.

              1. Duh, you said Chaney, but I read Clayton. Good idea on Chaney though. He’s going to be a big part of the defense this year, so it’s probably worth the effort.

          2. The Legend says:

            If Stew comes back I think it’s Chaney at Will Stew at Mike & MoFo at Sam. Clayton will probably get on the field more this year though. If Stew doesn’t comeback Chaney moves over to Mike & Clayton probably is the starting Will

  5. plektor says:

    About Osi, let’s not forget that his last season numbers are more exception than rule.
    He does have an eye for the ball but he doesn’t seem to be able to make consecutive solid seasons.
    Look as his stats (I know they are just stats), his production is likely to be cut in half if he remains the same player he’s been for 6 years.

    Quite frankly, if Kiwi is back at 100% (this is a major “if”) I wouldn’t mind Osi going.

    But if Kiwi isn’t back and Osi is traded, then we are in trouble.

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