Linky – June 26, 2011 – Kolb for DRC? Ehhh… no.

Kevin Kolb’s value far exceeds DRC’s. It’s not even close.

Giants planning on Albany – Paul Schwartz, NY Post

Looking forward to taking in Giants camp for the first time this summer.

Giants will add Izzo to special teams staff – Ohm, ESPN NY

No way to really know yet, but it seems like a good hire.

The Eagles will sweep the Giants in 2010 – G-Men HQ, Jennifer Allman

Jennifer, you can’t actually say it’s “reverse psychology.”  By saying it’s reverse psychology, you’re reversing the reverse psychology, making it just regular psychology, meaning that the Eagles actually will sweep the Giants again.

Football Cops – DirecTV

OK, DirecTV?  See?  I posted it.  Funniest thing I’ve ever seen.  Happy?  You can stop emailing me now.  Now get back to your terrible customer service, price gauging, and your un-American exclusive rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Top 10 safeties in the NFL – Andy Benoit (dopey post alert)

Antrel Rolle 3rd?  LOL.

Last chance for Martellus Bennett – Bob Sturm, SportsDay DFW

He might have lost his #2 TE job last season if John Phillips didn’t tear his ACL.

Hoping for camp look at 5 guys – Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas

Todd wants to look at Sam Young, Andrew Sendejo, Jeremy Parnell, John Phillips, and Danny McCray.  I plan on making it out to the Eagles’, Giants’, and Redskins’ camps, as I live on the East coast, but if I do make it out to San Antonio or wherever the hell the Cowboys have camp, I won’t be interested in evaluating anything close to Todd’s list.  Admittedly, Todd said he was going below the radar, but that’s WAY below the radar.  If I were making a list of 5 players I’d like to keep a close eye on, it would be Phillips (I agree with Todd there), DeMarco Murray, Jason Hatcher / Stephen Bowen, Sean Lee, AOA, and David Buehler.  OK, so that’s 7.

Cowboys well represented on Top 100 list – Barry Horn, Dallas Morning News

Ratliff (75), Romo (72), Austin (70), Gurode (57), Witten (36).  Ratliff, Romo, and Witten are about right, Austin should be higher, and Gurode shouldn’t be anywhere close to a Top 100 NFL player list.  Still TBD – DeMarcus Ware.  I think he’ll land somewhere close to 10th.

Dallas will benefit from new CBA rules – Josh Sanchez, Landry Hat

Vehemently disagree.  I think Josh is forgetting the Doug Free is a “4 years” guy.

McNabb wants athletes off Twitter – Rich Tandler, Real Redskins

Not sure I understand Rich’s analogy to athletes driving cars, but I do agree with his overall point.

Salary cap and free agent primer – Greg Trippiedi, Redskins Hog Heaven (bathroom read)

Agree with some stuff, disagree with some stuff, but overall some nice work here by Greg.

Redskins D or Cowboys D? – Dan Graziano, ESPN NFC East blog

I think that by the time free agency is said and done, I have a feeling the Redskins’ defense is going to be better, at least on paper.

FedExField seats gone – Matt Terl, Official Redskins blog

Sold out.

Arizona media largely in favor of Kolb-for-DRC trade – Jason Brewer, BGN

Yeah, I’d sure hope so.  Unfortunately for the Cardinals, Sal Paolantonio isn’t the Eagles’ GM.

Un-inportant update on Kevin Kolb non-trade – Tommy Lawlor, IgglesBlitz

Tommy pisses all over SalPal’s Kolb-for-DRC report.

Time running out for the Eagles to get back to Lehigh – Nick Fierro, The Morning Call

Makes sad 🙁

Babin takes Reid, Eagles – Sheil Kapadia,

It was the beginning of my first game as an Eagle and then there on the Jumbo Tron, ESPN or something was on and they were talking about defensive ends in the preseason. They were talking about me, “oh, the most productive defensive end in preseason…” and I’m standing on the field and I wasn’t dressing for the game. Andy Reid walks by and he goes, “Hey! You got some coach that doesn’t let the best defensive end in the preseason play.” At the time, obviously you can imagine how you feel. I understand the situation and a little later understood his humor/personality and can laugh about it now.

Michael Vick, 31


  1. Kushan says:

    @Billward – Dude, you are an especially sensitive guy. Relax and lighten up bud, just have fun with the verbal sparring. Nobody is trying to chase anybody away. We all love passionate football talk.
    Also, if you want to make points about Kolb, back it up with stats.

    Listen, Kolb had two FANTASTIC games (one against SF, a solid defense, and one against ATL, another solid defense). He got offensive player of the week for both those games. The game against TEN, the Eagles were leading 19-7. The had 4, (read FOUR!), drives into the red zone where we didn’t convert. Shady McCoy had a fumble IN THE RED ZONE which turned the momentum in TEN’s favor. Kenny Britt went off and had nearly 230 yards receiving and we had a complete DEFENSIVE collapse. That game does NOT fall on Kolb’s shoulders (at least not all of the blame). Most of it falls on the defense.

    Last year, Kolb had two starts in place of McNabb, one against NO Saints and the other against KC Chiefs. Both were 300+ yard games. He had three INTs against the Saints, but two came in the second half (one of them in garbage time, on a hail mary) where the Eagles were down and had to pass a lot to come back. He OWNED the Chiefs the following week.

    I’m not saying Kolb is the next Brett Farve. But you can’t deny the fact that he’s shown flashes of greatness and has strung together a couple of nice games. He can succeed at the NFL level given the right system. That much is clear. And compounded with the lack of quality QBs on the market, he’s value increases significantly. That’s why the Eagles will get a 1st rounder or a starter (DRC!) and a 4th.

    1. plektor says:

      He hasn’t shown flashes of greatness, let’s not push it !
      You would not even say that about Manning ^^

      He shown that he may have what it takes to be a starter in the league and that a team giving him a shot wouldn’t be stupid in doing so.

      1. Kushan says:

        Fair enough. How you phrased it is exactly what I meant by “flashes..”. Mike Vick, on the other hand, definitely has shown “flashes”… They key is consistent seasons..

  2. smutsboy says:

    Kevin Kolb doesn’t have half the value Eagles fans think he does.

    He’s completely unproven, and has been sitting on the bench for years, unable to become a starter under a guy who hand-picked and groomed him.

    1. In terms of what the Eagles should reasonably expect to get in return for Kolb in draft pick form, what do you think Kolb’s worth is?

      1. smutsboy says:

        a 2nd rounder and they should be ecstatic.

        It’s possible they fleece someone if there’s a new Cerrato out there somewhere.

        but realistically, for a QB who hasn’t cracked a starting line up yet, and wasn’t a super-blue chip prospect to begin with…

        put it this way. I don’t see how he’s played himself or proven himself up from an original 2nd round pick to now be worth a first.

        1. He did crack the starting lineup. He got hurt and his backup played otherworldly football, making it impossible to reinstate Kolb as the starter. When Vick went down, Kolb started 3 games. He played well in two of them (both wins, against Atl and SF), and was near flawless in one of them (Atl). He played poorly in the 3rd against the Titans (a loss). But those were two huge wins that had a lot to do with the Eagles ultimately winning the division.

          If people were expecting Kolb to come in and be Dan Marino, that’s unrealistic. You want a young QB to at least show flashes of greatness, which Kolb unarguably did in a few of his starts. Being a good NFL QB takes time, but he did enough to show he can be a good NFL starter, and warrant real value in return.

          As for the “super blue chip prospect” stuff, that’s not what GM’s and head coaches care about. They’ll look at the tape, evaluate his play, and project whether or not his game is a good fit for their offense. For some GM’s/HC’s, he might not be a good fit. For others, he will. But a GM isn’t going to think, “Well, he was the 36th overall pick in 2007 – No way we’re giving up more than that.” That’s just silly.

          Anyway, I’ll put out a little friendly wager to you. Since the Eagles “should be ecstatic” to get a 2, we’ll use a 2nd round pick as the over-under. If the Eagles get more than a 2, I win. If they get less, you win. If they get exactly a 2 and nothing more, it’s a push. You name the stakes – I’m pretty much agreeable to almost anything.

          1. smutsboy says:

            “Well, he was the 36th overall pick in 2007 – No way we’re giving up more than that.”

            That’s not what I was saying.

            What I was saying was that if he was a blue chip prospect, that means he would have a strong body of college work behind him. He had a solid college career, so as it is, he’s got a handful of pro starts against mixed opposition.

            I don’t see what has changed to increase his value from a 2nd round draft pick originally to a 1st round draft pick now.

            As for the wager – lemme think on it

        2. Bill Ward says:

          That’s pretty much what I’m saying…

          And Jimmy says three starts surrounded by (and I hate to say it) one of the best teams in the league where he won 2 (surprise! An extremely talented team wins two games, one against a team that is self destructing!) and loses one (to another team that was self destructing) warrent a first rounder.

          Yeah, I’m sure SOMEONE buys the hype… but if I’m a GM, it would be a conditional 2 (he has to start 10 games and play well), or it drops to a 3.

          1. Put something behind it. Over/under is a 2. If the Eagles get more than a 2 back, I win. If they get less, you win. A 2 is a push. Name your price… Or, do you not really believe in what you’re saying?

            1. Bill Ward says:

              More like I don’t bet.

              But you’ve just made my point about you Homering, and have now started to answer the OTHER half of the question, the one about chasing away the other teams readers by getting aggressive when they point out the emperor may, in fact, have no clothes.

              1. Haha, “I don’t bet.” Awesome. I’m not even talking about money, by the way. Get creative. I’m sure you can think of something. You’re talking about a conditional two or a 3, which is less than a two. I set the over/under at a 2, which means that even if the Eagles get only a 2 (MORE than what you think Kolb is worth), you don’t lose. So let’s see some conviction behind your comments… orrrrrr… again… do you not even believe what you’re saying?

                As for the “chasing people away” nonsense, I’m not chasing you or anyone else away. But if someone directly attacks me, I’m going to respond.

                And you’re a doo doo head.

  3. Bill ward says:

    Swype screwed up again. Too, not to, and pointed, not punted. And the phrase was ridiculed my point.

  4. D3Keith says:

    I know Comcast gives BGN money and all, but — as a longtime customer of both them and DirecTV — the former’s customer service is way worse. Not to mention their service often simply breaks. I had one problem in all my years with DirecTV — a movie that we ordered but wouldn’t come on and they gave me 3 times the credit, plus the movie free. (small potatoes nice gesture to keep me a happy customer willing to be subject to their …)

    Price gouging. I agree there, and I’ll probably do it again this year just so I can get all the Eagles games in their entirety. But I’m certain Verizon or Comcast would stick it in us just as deep if they had the same exclusive deal.

    Where are the Skins, Giants and Cowboys fans hiding? Do we need to do some aggressive Twitter marketing or something? I wouldn’t mind talking about who the Redskins QB will be (Beck), how the Giants will sign all their own free agents (they won’t) or how Doug Free … BWAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

    I’m sorry, what was I saying?

    1. Honestly, I think the argument could be made that ANY cable company has terrible customer service, so perhaps it’s unfair to single out DirecTV.

      And yeah, agreed on the Cowboys, Redskins, and Giants fans. I know they’re reading (I can see what sites readers are migrating from to this site), but they haven’t really dove in on the comments just yet. I think that takes some time, but we should have some full-blown arguments here once free agency rolls around and there’s actually some stuff to talk about.

      1. Bill ward says:

        You keep going to homer for the Eagles, both you and some of the other commentors. I punted it out and you ridiculed out.

        Oh, and as an aside, I’m not sold on Beck for the Redskins, but…. he has a record that actually isn’t that different from Kolbs,really, except he got bounced around, instead of riding pine for one team. I think Eagles fans need to drop the Flavorade packets (Koolade gets a bad rap here as it was always Flavorade), because pretty soon, you’ll be thinking three firsts and a second for him. Since he’ll be a free agent next year, you should consider yourselves lucky to get even a second.

        1. Bill, you’re going to have to fill me in with specific examples of how I’m being a homer, because I really have no idea what you’re talking about.

          And Beck’s success in this league is certainly not anything close to Kolb’s in this league.

          1. Bill Ward says:

            And what success has Kolb had?

            He played a couple of games here or there, and (while surrounded by an excellent cast), perfomed ok… but he was not the reason they won. The moment that he got hurt, he lost his starting job, and was written off (lots of confidence there in him). And no, don’t give me Michael Vick… he played great, at times, last year, BUT…. he played well above his career bests across the board; an older player two years ago did the same (for a different team), and was simply AWFUL last year, which caused huge disappointment for all the Vikings fans. I’m not saying Vick is done (he’s not), but don’t keep hyping even better things for a guy who has fairly obviously had what is almost certainly the best year of his entire career (future years, too) last year. Just last week you were talking about it being a “No brainer” that he was the best in the NFC East… I’m not sold on that at ALL (yeah, he’s probably better than anything MY team has, and I’m not a Romo or Eli fan, either but you can argue easily enough for both of them, too). THAT’S homerism…. you’re so caught up, as a fan, that you think caught the greatest ever, when you may just have the next Timmy Smith.

            Beck was shipped out of town when Parcells went veteran over the soph. Flacco has been Mr. Dependable in Baltimore. So this is his first REAL opportunity. He was drafted in the same draft, same round, as Kolb, and many if not most teams had him rated higher (not surprising; look at their college work). Does that mean Beck is going to be AWESOME? Crystal ball says…… “Not Likely”. But I’ have yet to see anything to warrent the hysteria in how good Kolb is (didn’t see it last off season, where the media was gaga that a team would give up Donovan McNabb for him, so therefore he must be the next Unitas either). He didn’t do anything great this past year, and in fact you can argue he was actually less effective than the team as a whole. But Philly fans still seems to overvalue him…. including you.

            1. If by “he performed ok,” you mean he was the NFL Player of the Week… twice… in his first 5 career starts… then I guess you and I have different definitions of what “OK” means.

              And hey bud – Michael Vick was the MVP runner up to Tom Brady. I didn’t think I was really going out on a limb by saying he’s better than Eli Manning or Tony Romo.

      2. plektor says:

        We all know too well how “discussions” end up on the web.
        I’m not saying Eagles fans are worse or anything but you know, even between fans of the same team it gets stupid and inflammatory sometimes.

        I like your blog so I try not to care about your little cutting remarks too much.
        I wouldn’t try the comments section though 🙂

  5. The Legend says:

    I wonder if Babin doesn’t like Reid that much? I hope he doesn’t comeback anyways I would rather try to develop some of the young guys under Washburn or if we do go after a DLineman have it be someone better then Babin

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