Linky – June 24, 2011 – Giants fans are either done with Diehl at LT, O’Hara at C, or both

52% of Giants fans HOPE William Beatty is ready to start at LT. 30% prefer Shawn Andrews. Oof.


Would Kevin Kolb for Dominique Rodger-Cromartie be a good deal… For the Eagles? – Jason Brewer, BGN

Straight up?  Short answer – Not even close.  Kolb is a far more valuable asset than DRC.

Eagles asking price for Kevin Kolb has changed – Greg Esposito,

LOL, silly Arizona paper, presenting a Sal Paolantonio report as near-fact.

Answering the McNabb question – Sheil Kapadia,

Sheil proactively shoots down the inevitable “McNabb to Philly?” question that’s going to come up at some point.

Plugging in the Pieces: Danny Watkins – Chris McPherson, Eagles Mothership

Obviously, the expectations are that Watkins will start immediately at RG.

Flyers blow it up – SBN Philly

Obviously, not football related, but holy crap…

BEARS (Wait, what?)

Ted Phillips: Bears won’t replace Soldier Field turf – Bob Warja,

Stumbled on this yesterday.  I truly hate the Bears.

(Giants, Cowboys and Redskins news after the jump)…


David Tyree: How the beloved have fallen – Jesse Golomb, B/R

See, B/R?  You can publish a good article without a slideshow.

NFC Pre-FA Power Ranking – Rick Resch,

Didn’t overrate his favorite team, didn’t underrate a team I’m sure he loathes (the Eagles – in fact, might have them high), isn’t buying the Lions yet, and isn’t premature to jump on the Bucs’ bandwagon.  Golf clap, my friend.

Offensive line poll – Who should start at left tackle? – Ed Valentine, Big Blue View

As of 9:54am on Friday, it’s 52% Beatty, 30% Andrews, and 16% Diehl.  Wow.  Lot’s of hope that Beatty is the real deal, and 30% for a guy that’s probably going to get cut, and has proven time and time and time and time and time again that he can’t stay on the football field? Seriously?  If Shaun O’Hara is done, I can see the logic of sliding Diehl to LG, Seubert to C, and plug in Beatty at LT, but otherwise those poll results are based entirely on delusion.

NFL Analyst: Giants should stand ground vs Osi – John Fennelly,



Sabin: Why the Cowboys didn’t put franchise tag on Doug Free – SportsDay DFW

Comment From mjd: How big a mistake was it to not extend Doug Free when they had the chance? Quality OTs just don’t hit free agency, and now the price will be bid waaay up!

Rainer Sabin: That’s a tough call. There was no way that the Cowboys could have predicted how well Free would have performed. He moved to left tackle last year after Flozell Adams was released and 2010 was the first season he started all 16 games. Had they decided to place franchise tag on Free, they would have had to pay him around $10.1 million this year.

Short-sighted.  If you tag, Free, you control his rights.  You keep him in place and then try to work out a long term deal that works for both sides.  But this way, as the commenter notes, other teams around the league are going to drive his price WAY up.

Sensabaugh exited about free agency after career year – Vic Carucci,

Not sure about the “career year” part.  Statistically, maybe.  Sensi sounds like a man that thinks he had a better year than he did.  If he’s expecting a big payday, he may be in for some disappointment.  That said, I think the Cowboys would be smart to resign him if he’s willing to be more realistic about his worth.

Roy Williams’ usefulness seems minimal – Bob Sturm,


Whitner brings physical presence – Nick Eatman, Cowboys Mothership

Nick looks at Bills safety Donte Whitner as a possibility for the Cowboys in FA.


Cooley would like to see Plaxico in a Redskins uniform – Brad Biggs, NFP

“The Giants cutting Burress when he went to jail was one of the 5 biggest bonehead moves in NFL history.”  Ha, sorry about that.  But seriously though, the Redskins drafted 3 WR’s, seem to be getting rid of their headaches, there are no shortage of other WR’s available in FA, and Cooley wants Burress?  Stop playing GM, Chris.

Free agency in the East: QB’s – Dan Graziano, ESPN NFC East blog

Dan predicts the skins will stand pat with what they have.  Not sure I agree – They’re going to cut McNabb, which leaves them with just Grossman (assuming they re-sign him) and Beck.  Shanny will almost certainly pick up a 3rd QB.

Have a seat – Rich Tandler, Real Redskins

You can buy Fed Ex Field seats for $250.

Jim Riggleman quits as Washington Nationals manager – Ken Rosenthal, FOX Sports

Again, not football related, but holy crap…


  1. bula says:

    anyone else read the one comment on the esposito column? What is that dude smoking? Two ones, a two and kolb for cromrartie? He can’t be serious

    1. Ha, nice. Love the rationale, too. The Falcons made a dumb trade, so the Eagles should, too.

  2. NYBigBlue says:

    How funny would it be if the Giants signed Free?

    I doubt they will, but it’s something to at least consider.

    1. Nick Castillo says:

      my hatred for the giants… there are no words to describe th hatred if they or any other team scooped him from us.

  3. Mikesta says:

    I freaking hate the Bears. Theh feel like a divisional rival. I hate them more than the redskins.

  4. AndrewM says:

    Lol did you see the interview where Urlacher says he hates how terrible Soldier Field is

    1. I did. Apparently a lot of their players hate their field. It’s bad enough for a D3 college team to play on a field that terrible, but an NFL team? Seriously? The high school in my town (and we’re talking blue collar here, not Greenwich CT) destroys the Bears’ field.

      And this jackass basically admits that they keep it because it gives the Bears home field advantage? The NFL needs to intervene here.

      1. AndrewM says:

        My highschool has a better field as well. In fact so does the rival high school but they are in a richer area. It really is ridiculous that they can get away with it. Everyone should just do what Al Davis used to. Go spray random areas of the field and just warn their players.

        People used to complain about the Vet. and Billick refused to play, but somehow Bears fans think people should just deal with it and their own players hate it. I hate the bears.

        More positivly though Im super excited for Watkins

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