Linky – June 23, 2011 – Mike Francesa is a big fat bully



McNabb: Take a deep breath – Rich Tandler, Real Redskins

Rich reminds Redskins fans to chill about McNabb “practicing” with the Eagles.

To former Washington Redskins QB Joe Theismann, it’s all about integrity – Chris Abshire, The Times-Picayune

Random thoughts from one of the worst color commentators in the history of sports.  In fact, let’s expand on that one.  My top 3 worst color commentators in sports history, in order:

1) Tony Kornheiser

2) Tim McCarver

3) Joe Theismann

Expect Kolb, not McNabb, Palmer or Orton, to get dealt – Jason La Canfora, NFL Network

Jason doesn’t see anyone dealing for McNabb’s contract.  I agree.

Niles Paul’s journal: Living in Mom and Dad’s basement – Niles Paul, WaPost

I like this kid.

(Eagles, Giants, and Cowboys news after the jump)…


Looking at Marty Mornhinweg’s QB evaluation method – Jason Brewer, BGN

Michael Vick raves about Mornhinweg any chance he gets.

Looking for Mr. Right: DRC – Tommy Lawlor, IgglesBlitz

Some Eagles fans have wondered if Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie could be a part of a Kolb-to-Arizona trade.  Tommy examines how DRC might fit in Philly.


Ex-Giants running back Tiki Barber spars with WFAN’s Mike Francesa about broadcasting “failure” – Seth Walder, NY Daily News

I happened to catch this on the radio while driving today, and while I don’t have much sympathy for Tiki, Francesa came off like a bully, or if I can be more frank… a complete asshole.  How many times can you repeatedly call a guy a “failure” before before it’s time to just let it go?  I mean… The guy doesn’t agree with your assessment that he’s a failure, so you try to berate him until he agrees with you?  Agenda much?  And sadly, all I see are headlines saying “Mike Francesa embarrasses Tiki Barber.”  Nonsense.  Francesa embarrassed himself yesterday.


Baldinger: Cowboys lack leadership, not talent –

I love when people talk about “leadership” as if they’re in the locker room or on the sidelines with the team.

Time for some salary cap wizardry, Stephen Jones – OCC, Blogging the Boys (resource piece)

Great job here by OCC on the potential cap hits the Cowboys could face by releasing various players.

Mike Jenkins among those hurt by lockout – Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas

Cornerback – Mike Jenkins — He fell off in a big way in 2010 after being added to the Pro Bowl in 2009 as an injury replacement. Jenkins got off to a bad start to the season and lost his confidence. Being around new coordinator Rob Ryan, who is full of bravado, would have lifted Jenkins’ confidence, too. Jenkins has to get back to playing with better technique when it matters most.

Don’t think I’m buying that one.

Apologies for the abbreviated Linky today.


  1. smutsboy says:

    Theismann is obnoxious, but at least he knows what he’s talking about and talks to you like you have some reasonable amount of football intelligence.

    The next time Phil Simms correctly diagnoses a play or correctly identifies a player will be the first.

    Bill Maas is easily one of the most ignorant, inane and oblivious color guys of the past 10 years.

    Brian Baldinger is pretty good in studio, but was as bad as Maas or worse, in the booth.

    And Dennis Miller is, hands down, the worst attempt at a color guy in the history of television.

    1. Dan in Philly says:

      smutsboy, the amazing thing is that, with Kornheiser, MNFB actually tried to replicate the Dennis Miller experience, and got it worse! This coming from a casual fan of DM, he was awful in the booth, but Korn came off as a DM wannabe, which made me pine for the days when I was 6 months old and couldn’t understand human speech.

      1. smutsboy says:

        I don’t know, at least Kornheiser was a sports reporter at one point. Miller is the blowiest blowhard there ever was.

        Basically, if I have to choose one, just shoot me in the head instead.

  2. Matt says:

    I have to agree with you on the Francessa thing. I caught part of that in my car yesterday as well (was expecting to find the Mets game). I normally don’t like Francessa to begin with, but that was really shameful yesterday. He wanted nothing to do with actually discussing anything of substance; just do his best to humiliate Tiki because he didn’t make it in the same industry with which Mike works.

  3. Jordan says:

    I’m ok with your 1-3 of worst sportscasters, but only on the condition that Joe Buck is still in the Top 5.

    1. Jordan says:

      Just saw you said color commentators and not sportscasters. My bad. need more coffee…

      1. Bill Ward says:

        Which one is Aikman, because he is by far the worst, at least if any NFC East team is in the mix; it it’s two NFC East teams, and one is Dallas, oh boy.

        He can’t seperate his own internal rivarlry feelings from what he needs to be a commentator.

        He’s awful.

        1. Matt says:

          I honestly have the opposite opinion of Aikman, and I’m an Eagles fan. I’ve always thought he is fairly neutral and if anything harder on the Cowgirls.

          At times he comes off very critical of Dallas almost in the sense of “When I was there things were so much better”.

        2. smutsboy says:

          I like Aikman a lot. His homerism isn’t that bad, and he knows his sh-t, and talks to you like you understand how the game of football is played.

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