2011 Free Agency: FB Menu

FB Current team FB Current team
Brian Leonard Bengals Korey Hall Packers
Lawrence Vickers Browns Marcel Reece Raiders
Lex Hilliard Dolphins LeRon McClain Ravens
Jason Snelling Falcons Heath Evans Saints
Tony Richardson Jets Vonta Leach Texans
Jerome Felton Lions Ahmard Hall Titans
John Kuhn Packers Naufahu Tahi Vikings

Apologies in advance – Having some difficulty finding reliable FA lists.  I’ll have it fixed in time for the WR’s tomorrow.  Sorry.

Eagles – Nothing here. Owen Schmitt and 7th round draft pick Stanley Havili will battle it out in camp.  Leonard Weaver remains a bit of a longshot to ever return (or at least ever get back to anywhere close to the player he was) after suffering his gruesome injury Week 1 last year vs. GB.

Redskins – Longtime FB Mike Sellers remains with the team.  I don’t see anything changing there, although it’s worth noting that he’ll turn 36 in July.

Cowboys – If I’m being 100% honest, I don’t really know what to make of the Cowboys’ FB situation.  Chris Gronkowski was the Cowboys’ FB in 2010, and unfortunately, he’ll always be remembered as the guy that got Tony Romo killed.  While that’s a little unfair to Gronkowski, the Cowboys can still do better here.  John Phillips will be back from a torn ACL suffered during the preseason last year.  He played some FB back in 2009, but is a TE at heart.  I’m really not sure if they should bring in a thumper to kick-start their stagnant run game or go with what they have.

Giants – Love Vonta Leach for the Giants, and think it’s a perfect fit.  The Giants are in a very difficult cap situation, and will find it difficult to shell out big money for impact players during this free agency period, but Leach is a player that can truly make a difference in the Giants’ offensive, as Madison Hedgecock’s play has declined sharply the last 2 years.  Leach reportedly wants to be the highest paid FB in the league.  He’s worth it.


  1. NYBigBlue says:

    I’ve been beating the Leach-to-the-Giants drum for months now. Glad to see someone else has picked up on it.

    The one issue though is that I think he’s gonna demand more than $2.5M/year. Guys like Ovie Mughelli (sp?) in Atlanta and Greg Jones in Jacksonville are making a little over $3M/year. Leach could ask for as much as $4M. But given that the Giants won’t likely be pursuing any of the “big name” guys this offseason (I hope…), maybe we can commit more resources to someone like Leach. Having him lead-blocking for Bradshaw and Jacobs would be oh-so-sweet.

    Btw Jimmy, sorry for my little rant a few days ago on the ESPN NFC East blog (yeah, I’m that NYBB). The whole Osi situation has been grating on me lately and I’m getting tired of all of it. It wasn’t meant to be anything personal against you or the BGN guys.

  2. ICDogg says:

    I would love to see the Eagles pick up Marcel Reece. He would be the prototypical ideal for an Andy Reid offense at that position.

    1. Leonard Weaver 2.0? Reece would be nice, but I don’t expect it to happen.

  3. One.Cool.Customer says:

    The Cowboys drafted a FB in Shaun Chapas, so if you will, they did “bring in a thumper to kick-start their stagnant run game”.

  4. Anders says:

    Is Leach worth more then 2.5 mill per season?

    1. I think 2.5 is a right around good number for him. Watch any Arian Foster youtube highlight reel, and watch this guy at work.

      1. Anders says:

        okay but that is what he is demanding

        1. Yes, he has commented that he wants to be the highest paid FB in the league.

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