2011 Free Agency: RB Menu

RB Current Team RB Current Team
Brian Westbrook 49ers Ahmad Bradshaw Giants
Cedric Benson Bengals Danny Ware Giants
Laurence Maroney Broncos Kevin Smith Lions
Mike Bell Browns Tiki Barber None
Michael Spurlock Buccaneers Brandon Jackson Packers
Cadillac Williams Buccaneers DeAngelo Willliams Panthers
Tim Hightower Cardinals BenJervus Green-Ellis Patriots
Mike Tolbert Chargers Sammy Morris Patriots
Darren Sproles Chargers Kevin Faulk Patriots
Joseph Addai Colts Fred Taylor Patriots
Mike Hart Colts Michael Bush Raiders
Ronnie Brown Dolphins Kenneth Darby Rams
Ricky Williams Dolphins Pierre Thomas Saints
Patrick Cobbs Dolphins Leon Washington Seahawks
Jerome Harrison Eagles Mewelde Moore Steelers
Jerious Norwood Falcons Derrick Ward Texans

Once again Cowboys fans, you guys are excused.  We’ll see you tomorrow when we cover the FB’s.  With Felix Jones, DeMarco Murray, and Tashard Choice in place, your RB corps aren’t stellar, but it’s highly unlikely anyone will be added to the mix.

Redskins – I’ve read several places where people think the Redskins would be wise to sign a big name RB.  I don’t see it that way, and covered that very topic at length a few weeks ago.  I have nothing more to add there.

Giants – The Giants are highly likely to sign Ahmad Bradshaw, and I’m already on the record as saying the Giants should dump Brandon Jacobs’ bad contract.  I think a guy that makes a lot of sense would be Michael Bush.  Bush’s production isn’t much different than Jacobs’, and he’d come far cheaper.

Eagles – Jerome Harrison is the current #2, and while the Eagles would probably like to have him back, I doubt Harrison is interested in sticking around and getting 3-5 touches per game.  That puts the Eagles in the market for another RB, and I see a lot of different options for Philly.  Not listed above is Reggie Bush, who is still under contract in New Orleans.  Tommy Lawlor of IgglesBlitz likes the thought of Bush in Philly.  I agree.  Another player that has always intrigued me going back to his days at Auburn is Ronnie Brown.  I love his skill set in the Philly offense, although I wonder what his price tag will be.  Leon Washington could be another option as a guy that can also return kicks.  Ditto that for Darren Sproles.  Tim Hightower could also be a nice fit, as he’s a weapon in the passing game.  Lots of options here for the Eagles.


  1. Imp says:

    Tiki Barber. lol

  2. Fiftyfourd says:

    Wow, is everyone Patriots rb going to be a free agent?

  3. (whispering) Psst! …Cedric Benson is on the Bengals.

    1. Lol, I suck. Probably typed “B-E” in excel thinking it would auto-populate “Bengals.” Oops.

  4. CarverM says:

    Clinton Portis is out there for anyone that wants him.

    1. Shite again. Strike two.

      1. Fiftyfourd says:

        What happens at strike three, Jimmy?

        1. Strike 3 just happened below. Nothing happened yet, but I’m nervous.

  5. plektor says:

    Didn’t DJ Ware sign a 2 year extension prior to the lockout ?

    1. Shite, you’re correct. Thanks.

  6. The Legend says:

    If Harrison leaves I think the top two targets for them will be Sproles and Bush(assuming he’s cut) since they want to add speed. The thing that would interest me though is since they both would be used as PRs as well if Reid wouldn’t use DeSean back there at all anymore or if he would still put him back there in certain situations

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