Linky – June 21, 2011 – Dan Snyder expanding his reign of terror to include the rest of the league?

It's amusing watching you destroy the Redskins, Danny, but please spare the rest of the NFL of your incompetence


Tyree would trade the catch to block same-sex marriage – Ohm, ESPN

Way to take a sledgehammer to your legacy, David.

Carl Banks thinks Plaxico Burress could sign with the Giants – Adam Biggers, The Flint Journal

I think Carl missed the part where Burress basically said he didn’t like playing for Tom Coughlin.

Giants guard Chris Snee surprised, happy offensive lineman was not added in draft – Zach Berman, NJ Star-Ledger

Yup, and so were the Eagles, Cowboys, and Redskins.  Covered this in greater detail here.

Tiki started to shrivel during lowest moments – Paul Schwartz, NY Post

Tiki Barber admits there was more than one day when he would wake up, have coffee and breakfast and then “sit on the couch and do nothing for 10 hours.’’

Shit, is that depression?  Because if so, I’m depressed as hell.

(Cowboys, Redskins, and Eagles news after the jump)…


DeMarco Murray wants to pack on the pounds, return kicks this fall – SportsDay DFW

I wouldn’t compromise speed for bulk, but that’s just me.  Not sure I understand the need to put on more weight.

Cowboys first round pick, Tyron Smith, to join player workouts – Dave Halprin, Blogging the Boys

Williams on lockout: For older players, it’s good – Scott Crisp, NBC DFW

For some vets, sure, I can see that.  For Roy Williams, who still often plays like a rookie, I think he needs all the camp he can get.

Can Anthony Spencer be elite – Dan Graziano, ESPN NFC East blog

I’ve been meaning to take a look at the tape of Spencer from the end of the 2009 season, his only really good stretch as a pro, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet.  Spencer isn’t going to be “elite,” and I understand that different people have different definitions of what that word means.  I think the Cowboys would settle for just a solid, above-average starting OLB, which he was not in 2010.


The Clinton Portis legacy – The Om Field

As a fan of a rival team, I always respected Portis.

Five Redskins primed to break out in 2011 -Ross Leonhart, Redskins Mothership

You know your franchise has done a poor job consistently bringing in young talent when 2 rookies make a list like this, and 2 of the other 3 are reaches.

LaRon Landry’s monkey has a modeling career – Sarah Schorno Kogod, NBC Washington

There’s a joke in there somewhere, but it’s 6:30 am and I’m not really thinking clearly.

Is Snyder opposed to a labor deal? – RichTandler, Real Redskins

Apparently running the proud Redskins franchise isn’t enough.  Snyder now has his sights on helping destroy the entire NFL.


Jaiquawn Jarrett – Tommy Lawlor, IgglesBlitz

Lots of great info here on the Eagles’ 2nd round pick.  Can’t wait to see this kid in camp.

5 reasons why DeSean Jackson will progress in 2011 – Mike Burke,

See, Bleacher Report?  You can do a “5 reasons…” thing and not have it be one of those annoying artificial page view generating slideshows.  Anyway, agree with 5, 3, and 2.  1 is a little tricky, and I’m not so sure I agree with 4, since I think DJax is already in his prime.

Inside the playbook: Eagles hi-lo concepts – Matt Bowen, National Football Post

Great read.

Akeem Jordan arrested in VA – Tim McManus, Philly Sports Daily

No details yet, although he was free to leave without having to post bail, so it can’t be terribly serious.


  1. Imp says:

    “Nothing means more to me than that my God would be honored,” Tyree said in the interview. “Being the fact that I firmly believe that God created and ordained marriage between a man and a woman, I believe that that’s something that should be fought for at all costs.”
    For the record, his God (assuming he is a Christian) also disallows eating any sea food like clams and shrimp, plus is A-OK with slavery. Don’t exactly seeing him getting up in arms about those things.

    As for Portis, it will be interesting as how he will be remember. Six seasons of 1,200+ yards, three which were 1,500 yards. 77 yards shy of 10,000 rushing yards milestone and has over 2,000 receiving yards in his name. He was a great running back for a while – don’t think he’ll get into the HOF but I can see his name popping up at some point.

    1. Steve says:

      You are looking OT; there’s more to God than what you are saying. Especially in the NT where God drops the stipulation that foods are unclean, and He makes all things clean for everyone to eat.

      As far as slavery, it was a cultural thing back in those days. Even if you think of it this way; aren’t we all slaves to the ones we work for? I mean in a sense, not absolute rule, but they are our masters.

      Not trying to get into a theological debate, or prove you wrong, but there is more to the subject than you are letting on. Also, Tyree is allowed to have his opinion. You may not agree with it, but that’s the truth.

      1. Ricky says:

        Sorry, Steve, but I just can’t help but read that as “especially for the Nose Tackle, where drops the stipulation that foods are unclean, and He makes all things clean for everyone to eat”. Including power bars and protein shakes.

  2. AndrewM says:

    Tyree is an idiot. What a stupid thing to say.

    Also didnt the Cowboys make Felix put on muscle and he just wasnt the same afterwards? Why do the same with Murray

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