Ranking the NFC East QB’s, individually

Today we rank the NFC East QB’s.  As always, these lists are not necessarily who the best player is right now. Rather, they’re ranked by “Who would I want if I were starting my own NFL team?”  So in other words age and upside matter, although contract considerations do not. Let’s just get right to it:

Rank Player Team Comments

Michael Vick

Eagles NFL MVP runner-up to Tom Brady.

Tony Romo

Cowboys Obviously, the “Who’s #2” is really the whole debate here. I’ll take Romo. Eli has the ring and is no doubt more durable, but when I watch them play, I just think Romo is the more skilled player. Jimmy’s only interested in QB’s that have great skills.

Eli Manning

Giants Yes, I’m aware Eli won a Super Bowl (along with his 52 other teammates). He also led the league in interceptions last year, with 25. I just don’t think he’s as talented as Romo.

Kevin Kolb

Eagles At a minimum, the Eagles should generate a first round pick in return for Kolb.

Donovan McNabb

Redskins Fading star soon to be cut.

Rex Grossman

Redskins Call me crazy, but if he’s the Redskins’ starter this season, I actually think he’ll play better than McNabb did last year.

John Beck

Redskins I’ll believe it when I see it.

Stephen McGee and Mike Kafka

Cowboys and Eagles Still just developmental QB’s with upside. Both the Eagles and Cowboys speak highly of Kafka and McGee, respectively, but I wouldn’t fully trust either one as the primary backup at this point. McGee still has time to develop as the 3. Kafka may be the 2 for the Eagles this year.  He’s going to get a ton of attention in training camp from the media if the Eagles trade Kolb and opt not to sign a more seasoned #2.

Jon Kitna and Sage Rosenfels

Cowboys and Giants If my starting QB went down midseason and I needed a guy to come in and win a game or two, am I taking Kitna or Rosenfels over Kafka or McGee? Of course. But from a value standpoint, Rosenfels and Kitna are interchangable with about 20 or so other career backups across the league.


  1. Keep Jim Thorpe in PA!! says:

    Just FYI JimmyK, copy/paste oversight in first sentence.
    “Today we rank the NFC East offensive tackles.”

    1. Haha, ew. I’m off my game today. Thanks.

  2. Doug_M says:

    I would put Kitna higher then tied for 10th. He filled in nicely while romo was hurt and helped the girls win a couple of games. Because of the fact that he does have NFL wins under his belt I would put him over Beck, Kafka and Mcgee.

    1. Keep Jim Thorpe in PA!! says:

      I agree Doug. Though not great, we know exactly what to expect from Kitna. Thats more than can be said for the other 4 bottom feeders on the list. I, too, would rather have Kitna come in as backup simply because he doesnt have the rookie butterflies anymore.

      Other than that, I agree with the list – especially with Romo over Manning, and the placement of McNabb.

  3. The Legend says:

    Can’t really disagree with anything even the Grossman thing since he’s a better fit with the Shanahan’s then McNabb was.

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