Linky – June 17, 2011 – LeSean McCoy thinks Osi Umenyiora resembles the Snuggle bear

Never wake a sleeping bear, LeSean.


Redskins kept offensive line intact, despite unit being a weakness last year – Rich Campbell, Washington Times

Ditto that for the Giants.

London Fletcher grabs a fan out of the stand and invites him to practice with team – Shemar Woods, Insider

I’m not even going to make a dumb joke about that guy having a good chance to make the team or something.  That’s just awesome.

Redskins workouts are awesome – Dan Graziano, ESPN NFC East Blog

I swear I didn’t read Dan’s article first before I typed above that I too thought the fan thing was “awesome.”  Dan talks about some other things going on at Redskins’ workouts as well.

Ten observations/notes from Redskins minicamp – John Keim,

These have been good reads from Keim.

(Eagles, Giants and Cowboys news after the jump)…


Is Kevin Kolb the next Tom Brady? Trent Cole thinks so – Nate Davis, USA Today

I’m about as big an advocate as there is for Kolb… but come on, Trent.

How the Eagles misused Brent Celek in 2010 – Brian Solomon, McNabb or Kolb

I agree with Brian here.

LeSean McCoy calls Osi Umenyiora “overrated n soft” – Me, BGN

Eagles and Giants fans mix it up in the comment section.

Jamaal Jackson 99.9% healthy – Tim McManus, Philly Sports Daily

Up from 99.87% yesterday.  Hoping for 99.94% by the end of the weekend.


Osi Umenyiora’s contract situation a delicate one for Giants – Mike Garafolo,

Good work here from Mike on Osi’s situation in the wake of the news yesterday that Umenyiora is being his usual offseason turdy self.

Ahmad Bradshaw is a Giant key – Dan Graziano, ESPN NFC East Blog

Two links for Danny today.

OK, the rest of the news is all “Osi hates the Giants, Hixon hates gay people,” so only 2 links for you guys today – Sorry.  Go re-read where I bash the crap out of the Giants old OL.


Anthony Spencer the key to D turnaround – Todd Archer, ESPN

Are we even sure Spencer is good?

Ten players to track this summer – Joe Fortenbaugh, National Football Post

Fantasy football piece.  Joe thinks Austin will be underrated in FF this year.  I tend to agree with his reasoning, and think Austin will have a better year in ’11 than he did in ’10.  The other NFC East player to make his list is Eli Manning.  I won’t be drafting Eli Manning.

After Dallas debacle, NFL wants next Super Bowl to run smoothly – Aaron Wilson, National Football Post

I should hope so.

Mavs can be teaching tool for Jason Garrett – ESPN

Can we stop it with these Mavs-Cowboys comparisons already.  It’s been almost a week of this stuff.


  1. Number5 says:

    C’mon JimmyK!
    I’d say Spencer is like Osi. He makes a true difference when he is producing, but can disappear for most of the season. That team is 10x better when he is playing we’ll. Is that often enough? No. s he soft? Well, I did compare him to Osi 😀

  2. Jalarsen1 says:

    I really hate the comparison of player “x” from one team and scheme to player “y” from a totally different one.

    Tom Brady is awesome! No one is going to dispute that, but most of our ‘proof’ are the stats and rings which are 100% team effort. Eli has a ring, too, but does anyone think he’s responsible for how awesome his OLine was, or how lucky the Tyree grab was?

    The fact is, football remains, more than any other professional sport, a true team affair! Player comparisons are only remotely accurate in a vacuum and the closest thing we have to that is the combine which is an objective measure of athleticism absent from football ability.

    I refuse to take the bait and enter the debate!

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