My Vegas bets!

It’s a good thing I don’t live in Vegas.  I’d be in the sportsbook routinely, and I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t take very long before I was broke and homeless.  I went to Vegas this past weekend and made a total of 8 bets on sports, 7 on football.  So far I’m 1 for 1 (see my $100 money line bet at +200 above).  Woohooooooo!  Thank you, Mavs!  Here are the rest:

I hate the Bears.  They’re probably my most hated non-NFC East team.  But holy crap… 15-1 to win the NFC?  Yes, please.  Some sportsbooks had them at 5-1.

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Staying with the NFC North, I also bought the Vikings at 9-1 to win the division, which I also saw as a huge bargain.  The Vikes have no fewer than 4 stars on defense (Kevin Williams, Jared Allen, Chad Greenway, and a guy that many might not see as a “star” but is a player I’ve always admired in Antoine Winfield).  They also still have no shortage of weapons on offense, led of course by AP.  They just need a QB while Christian Ponder learns for a year.  They’re going to sign somebody.  Could that be Donovan McNabb.  Matt Hasselbeck?  Is it so crazy to think the Vikes can’t contend with either of those two guys?

This one really bummed me out, actually.  The odds for the Cards to win the NFC West were 6-1 (lowest odds in the division), and I wanted to bang that one hard.  I’m of the belief that if the Eagles trade Kevin Kolb to AZ, the Cards become the immediate favorite to win that division.  So that’s really what that bet would have been all about.  However, when I got to the window I was informed that the line had moved to 3-1.  Crap – Not nearly as appealing.  So I did the next best thing – I took the Cards at 40-1 to win the NFC.  If they make the playoffs, I’ll just hedge and bet against them.

Wag of the finger to Vegas sportsbooks for not having over-unders on season wins, but kudos at least to the Hilton for having the balls to post lines for ALL 17 WEEKS OF THE 2011 SEASON.  I bet four of them.  I bet 2 games Week 1.  First (upper left), the Saints money line (+200) in Green Bay on the Thursday nighter before everyone else plays.  LOVE that line.  That line tells me that if those two teams were to play 9 times, the Saints would only win 3 of them.  Nonsense.  Then that Sunday on Week 1 (lower right), I have the Colts -1 in Houston.

In the only NFC East related game, I took the Redskins and the 7 points in Dallas.  Last season, I correctly picked the Redskins to beat the Cowboys Week 1, outright, and that worked out.  I think the Redskins defense will be way better than it was in 2010 (how can it not?), and I still see Dallas as a team with far too many holes to be laying 7 to anyone.  It would be a nice help if Dan Snyder and Co. pick up somebody (anybody) other than Rex Grossman or John Beck to play QB.

And then in Week 5, I went back to the well on the Bears.  +2 against the Lions?  Seriously?  Let’s just stop all this nonsense with the Lions, people.  Up and coming team?  Definitely.  Awesome D Line?  No question.  Scary good WR?  Check.  Gaping holes all over the rest of their roster?  Yes sir!

Re-reading this, I’m suddenly realizing that in 4 of my 7 bets, I bet either for or against an NFC North team.  That’s weird.  Anyway, which ones do you like/dislike?


  1. CarverM says:

    Who’s to say that Dallas’ situation at QB is going to be any better than Washington’s by week 7?

    1. The Legend says:

      If Romo is healthy I would assume he’s the starter even if Marty B wants Kitna

  2. The Legend says:

    I hate both teams so I can’t be accused of any hatred. I just think that Redskins bet is stupid I don’t see them coming within 7 with John freakin Beck at QB, even with the holes Dallas have.

    1. Beck isn’t going to be their QB. I think? I wonder? Who the hell knows with that front office. But part of my bet there is obviously with the assumption that Beck is not the QB.

      1. The Legend says:

        You could be right but supposedly Shanahan is a big fan of Beck’s & he had him as the highest rated QB in the 07′ draft. I don’t see anything in Beck though. I hope they do get somebody else because I don’t want Andrew Luck going there

  3. One.Cool.Customer says:

    Wow. Just wow. You’re taking the Redskins. By less than seven. In Dallas. With no QB in sight.

    Well, at least nobody is ever going to accuse you of not being biased 🙂

    And then you add this little gem: “if the Eagles trade Kevin Kolb to AZ, the Cards become the immediate favorite to win that division.” Granted, it’s the NFC West, but still…

    1. Ha, yeah, betting on the Redskins for anything is a little iffy. I’ll give you that. But 7 is a lot.

    2. Also, in the last 3 years (6 games), there has only been 1 Cowboys-Redskins game that was decided by more than 7 points.

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