Linky – June 14, 2011 – Plax not a big fan of Tom Coughlin

"Really, Plax?"


Mudd bringing new approach to Eagles’ pass protection – Nick Fierro, The Morning Call

Mudd borrows from basketball and boxing.

Nowitzki, Reid, and Championships – Jonathan Tamari,

Interesting comparison.

Schefter on the Eagles possible pursuit of Jason Babin – Jason Brewer, BGN

Agree here with Jason that the Eagles should probably see what new DL coach can do with the dozens of D Linemen already on the roster, rather than overpay for Babin.

Mikell remains stoic while surrounded by NFL lockout confusion – Josh Goldman, Daily News

Q sounds pretty confident he’ll have no shortage of teams interested in signing him.

2011 will test utility of NFL lockout – Brian Solomon, McNabb or Kolb

How much do the offseason workouts really matter?  A couple schools of thought.

Philadelphia Eagles offense still has work to do – Tommy Lawlor, Philly SBN


(Giants, Cowboys and Redskins new after the jump)…


Keith Bullock would like to play for Giants, Lions or Pats in 2011 –

You know that “hype” team that has been bad in recent history that everyone thinks is going to make that jump to the playoffs, before the season, but really just isn’t that good?  Like the Niners or Texans of recent years?  The 2011 version is the Lions.

Manning pleased with player workouts – Ohm, ESPN

It’s sounds like he was more “meh” with the player workouts than “pleased.”

Plaxico unloads on Tom, hints of Jets landing – Steve Serby, NY Post

“I kind of felt it was like, ‘I’m the coach, you are the player. It doesn’t matter what you have to say, you just do what I tell you to do.’ “

Keep or cut? Rocky Bernard – Ed Valentine, Big Blue View

Bernard has been an enormous disappointment.

Jerry Reese won’t rule out Plax return – Kristie Ackert, NY Daily News

Two links up, I think Plax already ruled it out.


Did LeBron James have a Tony Romo moment? – Calvin Watkins, ESPN

Meh.  He’s referring to Romo’s comments after the 44-6 game in ’08.  They’re not really the same at all.

With 70, Romo in position at WSGA event – Todd Archer, ESPN

As someone that has never broken 90, I’m impressed.

Jason Witten raked #36 in NFL Network Top 100 – Joe D.,

36 sounds about right.

Dallas Sports Mt. Rushmore – Jon Marc Beilue, Amarillo Globe News

Stauback, Aikman and Emmitt are locks, the 4th is tricky.

Can the Cowboys internally address their needs at cornerback? – Rainer Sabin, Dallas News

Nope.  If I were the GM, I’d be looking hard to sign a CB reasonably, then cutting Newman and his awful contract.


Haynesworth Bashing, Chapter 372 – Sarah Schorno Kogod, NBC Washington

Piling on, and little late, too.

Bruce Allen OK with rooting for Dallas in basketball – Matt Terl, Redskins Blog

Me too.  For one, how many Cowboys fans are actually from Dallas?  And secondly, how many Cowboys with that bandwagon mentality are also Heat fans?

DeAngelo Hall owes $24K in back taxes – Ryan Wilson, CBS

I get that it’s slow, but is this news?

Vonnie Holiday sheds some light on the NT problems – Kevin Ewoldt, Hogs Haven

Disaster area in 2010.

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