Comparing Eli Manning’s stats to Rex Grossman’s stats in the seasons each QB went to the Super Bowl

I don’t really have much of a point here, and I’m not even sure if there’s one to be made, but I just found the following fascinating.

Rex Grossman has only played all 16 games of the regular season once in his career.  That was 2006, the year the Bears made a run through the NFC and appeared in the Super Bowl, losing to Peyton Manning’s Colts.  Here were his numbers that season:

Rex Grossman Comp Att Pct Yards Avg TD INT Fum Rating
2006 Bears 262 480 54.6 3193 6.7 23 20 5 73.9

And here are Eli Manning’s regular season numbers the following year in 2007, when the Giants went to (and won) the Super Bowl:

Eli Manning Comp Att Pct Yards Avg TD INT Fum Rating
2007 Giants 297 529 56.1 3336 6.3 23 20 9 73.9

Make of that what you will.


  1. Tyler says:

    Boy you can always tell an Iggles fan is bloging becuase they only go on stats not what their eyes are seeing on the field and what the players win versus loss ratio is. Did it ever occur to you guys that on paper Vick’s stats are pedestrian at best he has one 3,000 yard year and has only started 16 games in a season once and on top of that the most TD’s Vick has thrown in a season is 21. Yet we all know Vick is better on the actual field than his stats say he is. Vick’s post seaon record’s and stats are worse yet I don’t think anybody in Philly is worried about Vick.

    Eli is not a top 10 QB but he ain’t all that bad either, he was not along for the ride “aka Trent Dilfer” because without Eli leading the Giants down the field in the last 2 min’s of the game the Giants don’t win the SB. The Giant defense was good in 07 but they were not a great D.

  2. Anthony says:

    I don’t think Eli is an elite QB by any means, not even top 10 in the NFL. But he’s not as bad as Rex Grossman. Their playoff stats from their respective Super Bowl seasons?

    52 of 92 for 591 yards. 56.5% completion, 6.4 yards per attempt. 3 TDs, 3 INTs, 4 sacks and 2 fumbles lost. That was 3 games.

    72 of 119 for 854 yards. 60.5% completion, 7.2 yards per attempt. 6 TDs, 1 INT, 9 sacks, and no lost fumbles. In 4 games.

    It’s clear who had the better post season. Those might be Manning’s only playoff wins, but they are still 4 playoff wins in one season, all on the road. The defense played well, but that squad was not the 2000 Ravens team. He played well enough so that his running game and defense had a chance to win. FAS Eli will probably never again win a title, but he is better and more deserving of his starting spot (not so deserving of his contract) than Rex Grossman.

  3. Stephen says:

    I think in a way the Giants winning in ’07 is a good thing for the rest of the division. Now the Giants have to keep plenty of resources devoted to Manning and he is going to be the de facto QB for them as long as he’s playing. This is nothing but a win for the rest of the division imo.

    I have to say its been a little while since I’ve seen him throw an eyes closed back pedaling one handed lame duck into the middle of the field though, so he is showing some improvement from ’07.

  4. Mikesta says:

    It was all about defense for those two teams. just look at the 2000 Ravens. They won the super bowl with some scum Trent Dilfer as their quarterback. Trent Dilfer.

    Its actually very interesting how Rex’s and Eli’s stats are almost exactly the same.

  5. bdawk4ever says:

    Not surprising. Eli is not a very good QB. Anybody who watches him play can see that.

    He isn’t even the reason they won that Super bowl- the defense was.

    Oh and wasnt 2007 the year he had 4 ints returned for TDs in a single game against the Vikings? Hahaha

    1. Tyler says:

      When are the Iggles gonn luck out and win the super bowl?

  6. Bradley Smith says:


    Now lets compare their respective 4,000 yard seasons, followed by seasons with 30 touchdowns.

  7. Tracer Bullet says:

    1) You don’t have to be a very good QB to get to or win a Super Bowl if you have enough help and a bit of incredible luck.

    2) You can become a Super Bowl MVP because people watching the Super Bowl don’t know a damned thing about football and didn’t recognize that Justin Tuck was an absolute monster in that game.

    1. Bradley Smith says:

      Two quarterbacks in the history of the NFL have ever thrown for two go ahead fourth quarter touchdowns in the Super Bowl, can you name them?

  8. slandog says:

    I take it as Eli is about as talented as Rex. And everyone knows, even Giants fans, that Rex should never be a starting QB in the league. I wonder if any of their facial expressions compare…..

  9. Glen Danzig says:

    I wonder if Rex Grossman has an older brother with a giant forehead.

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