NFC East Overrated-Underrated: I can make lists too!

When you only play 6 games (poorly) and make the Pro Bowl, you get the nod as the most overrated player in the NFC East

On Thursday, Pete Prisco of CBS Sports put out his lazy, hackneyed “overrated-underrated”  list, and it appears that ESPN is doing a similar series, as NFC East blogger Dan Graziano has put out his underrated list (although I wouldn’t call Dan lazy or hackneyed).  I would assume Dan’s overrated list is coming today.

A recap of their work:

Prisco’s overrated: Cowboys – Andre Gurode. Eagles – Asante Samuel. Giants – Antrel Rolle. Redskins – DeAngelo Hall.

Prisco’s underrated: Cowboys – Doug Free. Eagles – LeSean McCoy. Giants – Hakeem Nicks. Redskins – Ryan Torain.

Graziano’s underrated: Cowboys – Jay Ratliff. Eagles – Jamaal Jackson. Giants – Kevin Boss. Redskins – London Fletcher.

Jimmy’s take:

Overrated – Mike Jenkins – It’s no secret that Mike Jenkins had a bad 2010 season, but I don’t think people really appreciate exactly how bad.  In 2010, according to Football Outsiders, opposing QB’s threw at him a lot (80 times), and averaged 10.5 yards per pass attempt when they targeted him.  That was tied for 3rd worst in the NFL.  That’s gross.  Add in the fact that Jenkins is gutless, and I think this one is a no-brainer.

Underrated – Doug Free – Prisco got this one right.  Look at the players Free had to match up against last year, and somehow he only gave up 5 sacks.  People are considering moving him to RT, and throwing the rookie into the fire at LT?  Really?

(Eagles, Giants, and Redskins after the jump)…

Overrated – Jason Avant – Avant is most certainly a good #3, plays his ass off on special teams, has excellent hands, and everyone loves the guy.  But I often feel that Eagles fans have this weird perception that he’s irreplaceable.  He’s not, by any stretch.

Underrated – Asante Samuel – Prisco has Samuel as overrated – I think that’s utterly absurd, and would question if Prisco even watched Samuel play in 2010.  When people talk about the best corners in the NFL, it ‘s always Darrelle Revis and Nnamdi Asomugha as 1A and 1B in whatever order.  But based upon the 2010 season, Samuel is right there with those two guys.

Overrated – Shaun O’Hara – Can’t argue with Prisco too much on choosing Rolle.  Rolle’s an average NFL safety and is paid like an elite one.  And this has nothing to do with his play on the field, but it doesn’t help when Rolle compared booing players to booing soldiers coming home from war.  But O’Hara is wildly overrated.  I’m sorry, but when you only play 6 games (poorly, no less) and you make the Pro Bowl, you should be the poster child for this list.  This one’s a layup.

Underrated – Terrell Thomas –  Not sure what Graziano sees in Boss.  Boss is a JAG  (Just A Guy).  Nothing more.  I can think of 4 TE’s in the NFC East alone I’d take over Boss.  Without looking, I’d guess I could find 20 in the NFL.  I’d give the nod here to Terrell Thomas, who quiet just goes out and makes plays – 5 INT’s, 4 forced fumbles, a block, and a sack in 2010.  I think most people see Corey Webster as the Giants’ best corner.  I’m not so sure about that.

Overrated – DeAngelo Hall – Remember what we said about Mike Jenkins being tied for 3rd worst in the league giving up 10.5 yards per pass attempt his way?  Well, guess who he was tied with.  DING DING DING – D Hall! In fairness to Hall, he does make plays – His mugging of Tashard Choice at the end of the first half Week 1 when he stripped the football and ran it back for an end-of-the-half score was a back-breaker, and the Redskins probably don’t win that game if he doesn’t make that play.  Still, the occasional big play doesn’t make up for the generally terrible job he does covering receivers.

Underrated – London Fletcher – Can’t argue with Graziano and Prisco for their choices of London Fletcher and Ryan Torain, respectively.  Torian is the “Look at me, I’m picking a guy nobody’s thinking about” choice.  But in the last decade or so, there may not be a player in the league more under-appreciated than London Fletcher, so I’m going to give him the “Underrated lifetime achievement award” here.  Look at Fletcher’s stats over the past decade+ and compare them to Ray Lewis’ stats.  I’m certainly not saying Fletcher is on Ray Lewis’ level, but he’s really not that far off.  Even as people have been calling Fletcher underrated for years, I still don’t think he gets his due.  Nothing wrong with making the obvious choice sometimes.


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  4. Cowboys Overrated: Agree, Mike Jenkins. Gurode not a bad pick either.
    Cowboys Underrated: Disagree on Ratliff. Agree on Free. But I’d throw Tashard Choice’s name in the mix too. He’s the most consistent and well-rounded RB on their roster yet he still was left to scrape the bottom of the barrel behind an ineffective duo of Barber and Jones.

    Eagles Overrated: Avant… eh kinda. Like another commenter said, I’m not sure Avant is overrated by anyone but Eagles fans. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say DeSean Jackson. Now, I’m a Jackson jersey-owning Eagles fan, for sure. And I’m not trying to say he’s a bum or a one-trick pony or anything. But I’m not even sure he was the Eagles’ most valuable receiver last season. Like someone else said, Maclin has him beat in every category but YPC and total yards.
    Eagles Underrated: I love the Samuel pick here. And LeSean McCoy is underrated for sure, unless you played fantasy football in 2010. Jamaal Jackson, I see the reasoning, but I’m not sure if it’s so much because Jackson is so good or if it was just that the guys replacing him were so bad in 2009. Jackson is a solid starter, but not indisposable. I want to throw Maclin’s name in the mix here. DeSean gets all the attention with the highlight real 50 yard TDs, but Maclin played supremely well last season with double-digit TDs and took a major leap forward. I think he could be absolutely nasty in 2011 and onward.

    Giants Overrated: I like the Rolle pick. I like the O’Hara pick. Graziano’s pick of Boss as underrated makes me want to put Boss here too, hah. I think everyone is finally realizing what Eli is so while I’d put him here in past years, I think his days of being overrated are almost over.
    Giants Underrated: I’m gonna have to agree on Hakeem Nicks. He kinda got the LeSean McCoy treatment last season. If you played fantasy football you loved or hated him, but otherwise he didn’t get much recognition for a great season.

    Redskins Overrated: I can’t argue with Hall.
    Redskins Underrated: I can’t argue with Fletcher.

  5. phillychaos says:

    Eagles overrated: Jason Peters
    Eagles underrated: Lesean McCoy

  6. Frank Decc says:

    i think you’d understood Eagles phans love for Jason Avant when you consider that most of us have nightmares of Pinkston, Thrash, Na Brown, LJ Smith, Etc… not being able to catch a pass.

    1. I hear you. Back in the day, the Eagles’ WR corps of Pinkston/Thrash/etc were among the bottom 5 in the NFL, and that probably being kind. But should we be using the worst of the worst as benchmarks?

  7. shane says:

    I would love to see the numbers that show avant as average. all the numbers that matter for a 3rd down slot receiver. Until I do, I am going to keep my position on him being great. Just an idea for a article during the lockout

  8. Allan says:

    Jason Avant…. I agree but that was a ballsy choice. I’m surprised no one is knocking on the door with pitchforks and torches blazing. I guess maybe I just got a lil down on him last year after he dropped a couple passes (that wide open touchdown….ugh) that most NFL receivers would make. And I know that a few dropped passes isn’t that bad, but when you are targeted less, and most of your targets come in clutch situations, you have to make those catches.

  9. whowhatwhere says:

    as an eagles fan I can’t help but feel the bias from some of your posts.

    i think you ought to think as a general nfl fan in your posts more often.

    no one in the rest of the nfl ever though jason avant was a good player. so calling him overrated means nothing.

    1. As this blog grows, “bias” criticisms like this will undoubtedly become a regular staple in the comment sections, much the same way it was for Mosley with the Cowboys at ESPN. So congrats… You’re the first. A little surprised it came from an Eagles fan. I chose not to hide who my favorite team is – It’s right in the “About me” section, and I understand fully that at times my bias will seep through in my writing. It almost unavoidable.

      Anyway, your criticism isn’t valid unless you at least give me a name of a player who should be listed instead of Avant. Without that, your comment (as you put it) means nothing.

      1. Bradley Smith says:

        I say let the bias fly bro. No point in hiding it.

      2. whowhatwhere says:

        About two weeks late, but my opinion on overrated is…

        From an eagles perspective: Jamar Chaney, Nate Allen, Jeremy Maclin, Todd Herremans are consistently overrated by our fan base (i.e. eagles fans think these players are better than they actually are)

        from an overall nfl perspective, I might say Desean Jackson. He’s the single eagles player aside from michael vick who gets the most attention, all the nfl network ppl are high on him, but he gets shut down a lot, disappears a lot, and too often is big play or nothing.

  10. Kyle says:

    Terrell Thomas got roasted on the outside last year, he was picked on. His play is the reason why they drafted Prince Amukamara.

  11. The Legend says:

    Cowboys: Overrated- Miles Austin: I’ve seen analysts call him a top 3-5 WR which is just plain stupid
    Underrated- You got it right with Free

    Giants: You got both of these right

    Eagles: Overrated- Quinton Mikell: I love Q but some site was calling him the best S in football & a lot of people are already complaining about his inevitable departure, maybe I am just trying to take the positive view for the future but we won’t suffer that much from his loss like some people think.
    Underrated- This one was tough but since you went with Asante & Trent made the top 100 & Shady has made a couple underrated lists I’ll go with Maclin: The guy had better stats then Jackson except for yards I believe yet DeSean gets all the publicity

    Redskins: Overrated- Donovan McNabb- Kills me to put him on here but some still think of him as a top QB which he is not & I thought I would never say this in my lifetime but there is no way that he should of made it on the top 100 in front of Eli(somebody slap me!)
    Underrated- I tried to think of somebody different but couldn’t so I agree

    1. Debated Q, but thought that it would be a cop-out as an Eagles fan to put a guy on the list that isn’t even going to be on the team next year.

      1. PK says:

        I find Q hard to measure. According to FO and PFF he’s one of the elite, and he has an overall impact as a leader. But then when I watch him in games, he just seems average and sometimes even worse…

        I’m not too worried about him leaving tell you the truth, we seem to have some good pieces in place…

  12. Mikesta Op says:

    I think Shady might be the most underrated Eagle right now.

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