Touchbacks up from 16% to 40% or more in 2011? What’s that mean for David Buehler?


No, David. The new touchback rules are NOT good for your career.

Great, high-level-of-research post today by Brian Solomon of the Eagles blog “McNabb or Kolb” today on how he thinks the percentage of touchbacks per kickoff will rise from 16% in 2010 to roughly 40% or more in 2011 with kickoffs being moved from the 30 yard line to the 35.  It’s a great read for anyone, but probably of most interest to Cowboys fans, whose current kicker, David Buehler, might find himself out of work if the Cowboys have done their due diligence on kickoffs the way Brian has here.

Obviously, Buehler’s value was his ability to out-bench position players in the weight room, out-run corners in footrace challenges at training camp, and of course… generate touchbacks.  However, he isn’t actually a good… you know… field goal kicker, as routine 32-yarders were never gimmes in Dallas with Buehler in place.  With touchbacks becoming far more commonplace, Buehler loses much of his cache.  If the Cowboys part with Buehler, that already disastrous 2009 Cowboys draft class will look even more gross.


  1. thebigham says:

    I think beuhlers stock goes up. As a DC wouldn’t you rather know the opposing Offense will never start past the 20yd line? Or as a ST coach wouldn’t it be great to know to just say hey DB touchback or teach him to kick it really high and force the guy to take it from the 5yd with defenders already in his face?

    Plus DB was 75%ish on FGs thats avg for the league. Another year to improve? He was 4-5 from 50+!

    1. Hey hey, there he is! Fanshot!

    2. slandog says:

      If you like average then you’ll be happy with DB. I’d rather have a guy in the 80% range knowing that even a 35 yarder is money 98% of the time.

  2. Fern D says:

    Buehler will have another shot to show he can make FGs, but just one more. If he gets his accuracy around 85%, he’s going to stay (so long as the misses don’t cost us games)
    He should be even more valuable on KO now IMO, should be able to get em 80% of the time.

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