The unemotional GM says… Giants should part with Jacobs

Sorry big fella. You're out.

Jerry Reese is apparently ready to have Brandon Jacobs back as “part of the football team” this year, which got me wondering what I would do with Jacobs if I were Reese.

My unemotional “amateur GM” notes on the Giants and Brandon Jacobs:

– Brandon Jacobs’ high carry total during the 2010 season was 14.  He had 10 carries or more in just half the team’s games.

– Jacobs’ high carry total for his career in any one season was 224 in 2009, which over the course of a 16-game season averages out to 14 carries per game.

– Jacobs has 65 career receptions in 6 NFL seasons, or just over 10 per season (less than one per game).

– Jacobs turns 29 in July, and while he dishes out punishment when he runs, he also absorbs a lot of punishment as well.

– The Giants signed Jacobs to a 4 year deal worth $25 million after the 2008 season, when he went off for 1,089 yards and 15 TD’s on 219 carries (5.0 ypc).  Since he signed that deal, in two seasons, he has just 1,658 yards and 14 TD’s on 371 carries (4.5 ypc), and became Ahmad Bradshaw’s full-time backup / role player in 2010, albeit a very valuable role player.

– As of Feb 8th, the Giants have $126.3 million committed in salary to their players in 2011 (4th in the NFL), and that figure doesn’t even include the rookies.

– Brandon Jacobs is scheduled to make $4,650,000 in 2011, and $4,900,000 in 2012.

– The Giants sorely need to get younger and better along the OL, as well as at the linebacker positions.

OK, time to play the “unemotional GM” – When I do all that math, I realize that Jacobs’ money can be spent more effectively elsewhere.  First I ask Jacobs to take a pay cut.  If he says no, I make some calls around the league, see if there’s any team out there willing to take on that awful contract,  perhaps even giving me something in return for Jacobs… and if not, I cut bait.


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  2. D3Keith says:

    The Unemotional GM is a great character/blog creation. Run with that.

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