Vegas NFC Champion odds: Dallas the most likely NFC East team to go to the SB?

OK, so I’m flying out to Vegas with the wife on Friday.  I started poking around for some NFL futures odds, and came across NFC Championship odds, which are borderline hilarious:

Team Odds
Packers 4 to 1
Saints 5 to 1
Falcons 5 to 1
Cowboys 6 to 1
Eagles 7 to 1
Bears 7 to 1
Giants 8 to 1
49ers 20 to 1
Rams 25 to 1
Buccaneers 25 to 1
Redskins 25 to 1
Seahawks 30 to 1
Vikings 30 to 1
Lions 30 to 1
Cardinals 50 to 1
Panthers 60 to 1

You know Eddie Murphy’s bit in Delirious where he’s talking about the ice cream man, and he says “The ice cream man always drove a few extra blocks. And I know he’s seen us and shit, but I think he just be in the car with his friends and say, ‘Watch how fast I can make these little mothereffers run.'” Well I think that’s what the Vegas oddmakers are doing with the Dallas fans: “I’m gonna give horrible odds and watch how many of these Dallas fans bet this shit anyway.”

Anyway, any lines you see here that you like?  Oh, and please don’t say the Lions.  They still stink, they still have a boatload of holes – Let’s not get sucked in there just yet.  I loooooove the Cards at 50-1, I like the Vikes at 30-1, and I think I like the Saints at 5-1.


  1. The Legend says:

    Since Dallas is always up there for some reason Vegas has to feel that they are easy bate for the fans. As for a team with 20-1 or worse odds I like the Rams & Bucs for some reason I won’t like the Rams week 1 though

  2. Tron says:

    How much do you think the Cardinals line will jump if they trade for Kolb?

    I say it instantly puts them to at least 20-1, so if you think they will trade for Kolb 50-1 is a good bet.

    1. That’s my rationale, and I’d say 20-1 would be about right. they’d be instant NFC West favorites, and anything can happen in the tourney. Of course if they don’t trade for Kolb, I’ll have basically pissed away $100.

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