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Brian Moorman on being annihilated by Sean Taylor: “A good experience” – Merl Terl, Redskins Blog

I know that criticizing anything Sean Taylor related is now taboo, but I always felt that laying out a punter in the Pro Bowl was total dick move.

Update – Had a bad link there initially… now fixed.

Question marks at inside linebacker – Brian Tinsman, Redskins Mothership

The Redskins can’t let Rocky McIntosh get away.

Redskins players getting set for more workouts, probably June 14-16 – Mike Jones, WaPost The Insider

Title is pretty much all you need.

Santana Moss will likely get signed; His stats in the slot back up reasoning – Kevin Ewoldt, Hogs Haven

Come on, Kev… Deadspin?  I’m not that negative on the Skins.

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Reid is no buddy to the Eagles players – Rich Hofmann,

The crux of this is that the Eagles’ players might re-think their loyalty with Reid for disassociating himself with the player-backing NFLCA statement made about a week ago, which is a major stretch.  For one, how many Eagles players are even paying attention to Reid’s comments… at all?  And secondly, just because Reid (or any other coach for that matter) distanced himself from a statement which he had no part of issuing doesn’t mean he’s a puppet for the owners – I can certainly understand not wanting someone speaking on your behalf without authorization.

Plaxico Burress tells former teammate he wants to be an Eagle – Jason Brewer, BGN

Can we just get to free agency already?

Possible labor breakthrough could help Eagles most of all – John Miller, Philly Sports Daily

He’s right, although I’m not holding my breath.  I think even more important to the Eagles than getting a deal done for Kolb is getting the 15 or so 2nd year guys and 10 rookies into camp.  These are guys that have never had a full NFL offseason, and it’s like half the roster.

And then there were two Eagles – Jeff McLane

The Eagles seem to have a lot less participation in these offseason workouts than a number of other teams, including the Redskins and Cowboys in the NFL East.


Jacobs says Burress ‘ain’t coming to the Giants.’ – Paul Schwartz, NY Post

The other side of the “Burress wants to go to Philly” report above.

Justin Tuck undetermined about organizing practices for Giants defense during NFL lockout – Zach Berman, Star Ledger

I would have thought the Eagles and Giants would have been the 2 teams that seem to have their act together a little more this offseason.  Oops.

Keep or cut: Shawn Andrews – Ed Valentine, Big Blue View

As a self-proclaimed expert on Shawn Andrews, I agree with Ed that the Giants should cut him.

Mara attends secret negotiations – Ralph Vacciano, The Blue Screen


Dallas must commit to the run, not a runner – Dan Graziano, NFC East Blog

“In the first eight games of the 2010 season, with Wade Phillips as their head coach, the Cowboys ran the ball 169 times and threw 326 passes.”  Valid point, although the all three of those backs rushed for fewer than 4 yards per carry during that stretch, not to mention they were often playing from behind, so abandoning the run is understandable.  I think it’s more about fixing the OL (something they finally addressed this offseason) than figuring out the right formula of how to use the backs.

After meetings, Jones says ‘We’re trying’ – Matt Loede, Cowboys Gab

Try harder, or better yet, just end the lockout.  Until then, shut up.

Gurode named to Top 100 players in the NFL –

57th.  LOL.

A ranking of the top NFL franchises – Dave Halprin, Blogging the Boys

“The top five consists of some of the usual suspects: Green Bay, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, New England and Philadelphia. Philadelphia? Yeah, ok, they’ve been consistently in the hunt for a Super Bowl over the last decade or so, but that Trophy Case is still empty!”


  1. Imp says:

    “but I always felt that laying out a punter in the Pro Bowl was total dick move.”
    Hey, if a guy’s moving at top speed for a first down, lay him out. If a guy is running with the ball, defender has every right to lay him out.

    1. But in the Pro Bowl?

  2. Stephen says:

    I always felt the same way. I never understood why Sean Taylor laying out a punter was some kind of watershed moment. Jerome Bettis running over Brian Urlacher at the goal line? Epic. Sean Taylor leveling a punter who didn’t see him coming? Not exactly a career defining moment.

  3. The Legend says:

    I’m not even going to waste my time reading the “Reid isn’t really the players buddy” but will say that ever since that came out a lot of coaches & some who are considered player coaches have said they have nothing to do with it, I believe Jack Del Rio was mentioned in it & he said he had no idea about it.

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