Linky – June 2, 2011


NFL owners to hold meeting in Chicago suburb – Brad Biggs, National Football Post

Jerry Jones among the participants.

Cowboys draft pick DeMarco Murray working out with Offensive ROY Sam Bradford. – Rainer Sabin, DMN

“I don’t want to sit on no bench,” he said. “I want to contribute as soon as possible.”

Bill Parcells discussed difficult memory of final game as Cowboys coach – SportsDayDFW

The ball was slippery.

Cowboys draft picks: WR Dwayne Harris – Todd Archer, ESPN

Interview with the East Carolina receivers coach.

The Cowboys’ non-trade with the Jaguars may have had a huge impact on both the Cowboys’ and Redskins’ futures – Me, here

Shamelessly linking to myself.

(News on the Redskins, Eagles, and Giants after the jump)…


Why didn’t Brandon Lloyd play like that for the Redskins? – Anthony Brown, Redskins Hog Heaven

Eagles, Giants, and Cowboys fans… Any players come to mind that didn’t play well for your team, then went elsewhere and tore it up?

Son knows best: Cooley says Kyle Shanahan running offense – Steve Wyche,

I said it then and I’ll say it now – That McNabb benching at the end of the Lions game last year made zero sense… or at least the timing of it.

Summary of Chris Cooley’s thoughts on NFL Network – Parks Smith, Hogs Haven

More notes from Cooley’s appearance.

Will the Redskins bring in a veteran RB? – Rich Tandler, Real Redskins

I’m with Rich in that I’d pass.  The Redskins are not going to seriously contend this year.  They’re just not.  I’d go solely with Torain, who showed enough last year to at least be serviceable, and hope one of the young guys emerges.  There’s no room on the roster for an extra vet.

Alexander learning yet another position – Mike Jones, The Insider

Apparently, this is his 8th.


Eagles tour Krispy Kreme plant – Jaime Apody,

Lockout.  And no, Max Jean-Gilles wasn’t there.

Mudd brings new drive to job as Eagles OL coach – Marcus Hayes,

More about Mudd the guy, than Mudd the coach.  From now on, this little Mr. Hankey notification means it’s a longer piece, and more of a bathroom-style read, than an office read.  It doesn’t mean I think it’s crap.

Backup QB talk – Tommy, IgglesBlitz

Tommy’s thought’s on Donny, VY, and Pryor.

How confident would you be with Mike Kafka as Michael Vick’s backup? – Mike Burke,

Keeping on the backup QB topic…

Behind Trent Cole, only question marks – Brian Solomon, McNabb or Kolb

I like Juqua Parker, but the Eagles are on the hook for him this season for $3,500,000.  Can that money be spent more wisely elsewhere?

Kent Somers: Cardinals will pursue trade for Kevin Kolb – Me, BGN

I think this is more than just speculation from Somers, a highly respected reporter that covers the Cardinals. Another shameless link to myself.


Faces on the lockout: Barry Cofield – Ohm, ESPN

I’d be pissed if I were an RFA, too.

Is NMS close to a naming rights deal?

Shouldn’t it be DeSean Jackson’s decision, since he owns it?

Tuck says organized workouts are being planned – Charles Costello,

Late June, early July?




  1. The Legend says:

    In the Andy Reid era the only player that I can think of that did better after he left was Derrick Burgess but I also think he had a couple injuries when he was with us.

      1. The Legend says:

        Shit, how could I have already forgotten about him when he left just last year?

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