Ranking the NFC East punters, individually

Individually?  I’m not sure how else I’d rank them, but I digress.  Anyway, in my years of blogging, I’ve learned that there’s no better way to generate fierce discussion than to compare punters.  Let’s skip the setup on this one and just get on with it:

Player Team Comment

Mat McBriar

Cowboys No-brainer. The Aussie is clearly the best punter in the NFC East. Led the NFL with 47.9 yards per punt, and a net of 42.3. Very impressive numbers.

Sav Rocca

Eagles Another Aussie. 8th in the NFL with a 39.0 yard net. Rocca has turned himself into a solid punter in Philly.

Sam Paulescu

Redskins The Redskins released Hunter Smith two days after he let a high snap slip through his hands while holding on what would have been a game tying FG very late in the 4th quarter against the Buccaneers. Sam Paulescu filled in. He’s little more than an “off-the street-guy.”

Matt Dodge

Giants 30th in the NFL with a 34.8 net. Returners averaged a disgusting 14.9 yards per return on Dodge punts, 2nd worst in the NFL. And then there’s… You know what? I’m not even going to link to it.  We Philly fans have replayed it enough by now.  You’ve all seen it, so let’s just be mature, civil fans.  Instead, let’s just watch something we can all enjoy.

Australia 2, America 0


  1. Imp says:

    That was pretty weak by the Redskins, cutting Hunter Smith because of the extra point. Gano missed a 34 and 24 yarders and the snap to Smith was bad – but Smith was at fault for the lose? Lame.

  2. slandog says:

    I loved the link, it certainly is something a fan of any team will enjoy!!


    1. Haha, these spammers are killing me.

  3. Dan in Philly says:

    Never, never, never draft a punter.

    Wait, does the same apply to kickers?

    1. The Legend says:

      I would draft a punter, they can win games for you. I think it was in 08 when we went to Washington & it seemed like the Redskins punter kept on getting it inside the 10 & we had crappy field position all game, then a couple weeks later on Wild Card weekend the Chargers punter won them a game against the Colts.

      1. Shawsage says:

        How about Jeff Feagles consistently putting the ball inside the 10……..damn that dude was frustrating as a Giant.

        Interesting note I found when Wiki searching Feagles..
        “In the summer of 2004, during Feagles’ second season with the New York Giants, he offered newly-drafted quarterback Eli Manning his #10, which was the same number that Manning wore in college. In exchange, Feagles and his family received an all-expenses paid vacation paid for by Manning. Feagles offered a similar number trade with newly-signed wide receiver Plaxico Burress. Instead of an all-expenses paid vacation, Feagles opted to have his kitchen remodeled and paid for by Burress. In exchange, Feagles let Burress wear #17. The kitchen was remodeled, but Burress never paid the bill. “He basically stole my number”, Feagles said

  4. Tron says:

    Matt Dodge is the best punter in the NFL, the giants should totally hold on to him.

  5. The Legend says:

    I’m sorry I can’t call Sav a solid punter because he still goes to complete shit when the weather gets cold. With the lockout I doubt we can ditch him this year but hopefully we can get somebody else next year

    1. I won’t even disagree because I’m just happy someone commented on this, haha.

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