Linky – June 1, 2011


Andy Robustelli, the former Giants, dies at 85 – Charles Costello,

With a video bio.

Reactions to the death of Andy Robustelli – Ed Valentine, Big Blue View

Frank Gifford, John Mara, George Martin quotes.

Team checklist: New York Giants -Gregg Rosenthal, PFT

1, 4 and 5 are obvious.  2 is somewhat unnecessary – If you can find a better back that’s cheaper that Jacobs in FA, then sure… dump him.  If not, I don’t see the rush in getting rid of the guy.  His contract is bad, no question, but it’s not “Marion Barber bad.”  3 is kind of pointless to have an opinion on one way or the other until Smith has been examined and you’ve had a chance to confer with team doctors.  6 is just silly – Worrying about that nonsense isn’t going to win football games.

Free agent buzz – Chris M, G-Men HQ

Speculation on Clinton Portis and Plaxico Burress.  I think Portis could be a nice fit.

(News on the Cowboys, Redskins and Eagles after the jump)…


Team checklist: Dallas Cowboys – Gregg Rosenthal, PFT

Agree with everything here, but I think I might add 3-4 more bullet points.

Five specific Cowboys impacted by no football – Rob Phillips, Cowboys Mothership

Dez, Lee, McGee, Teddy, and Sensi

Face of the lockout: Shaun Chapas – Todd Archer, ESPN

With drastically few reps and limited time to pick up the offense due to the lockout, a guy like Chapas will have difficulty overcoming marginal incumbents like Chris Gronkowski, who have a leg up on the rookies.

Cowboys draft picks: CB Josh Thomas – Calvin Watkins, ESPN

Jerry Jones talks about the rookie


Team checklist: Washington Redskins – Gregg Rosenthal

Wow, the solutions they suggest are to sign free agents at the following positions – QB, WR, RT, OL depth, RB, CB, NT.  Is Dan Snyder masquerading by day as Gregg Rosenthal?  Needless to say, I think this is the exact opposite of what the Redskins need to do whenever free agency comes.

Will workouts organized by players help Redskins? – Mike Jones, WaPost

Video debate.  I don’t know if they’ll really matter all that much, but I’ve been impressed by the numbers the Redskins have been able to get to come out and work out.

Albert Haynesworth doesn’t know what private property is; settles 1 lawsuit – Kevin Ewoldt, Hogs Haven

Love the video here.  I can’t help but wonder if Big Al and the guy with the mustache hang out.

Dan Snyder is subpoenaing the Washington Post because he doesn’t understand journalism – Jason Linkins, Huffington Post



Freddie Mitchell warns Kevin Kolb not to trust the Eagles – Jason Brewer, BGN

Silly Freddie.

Kirwan: RB McCoy snubbed from Top 100 – Chris McPherson, Eagles Mothership

Personally, I haven’t looked at the list that closely to see if I think a RB got in that perhaps McCoy should be ahead of, but I wouldn’t categorize his exclusion as a snub.  He’s borderline.

Team Checklist: Philadelphia Eagles – Gregg Rosenthal, PFT

Agree with 1-4, don’t think 5-6 are all that pressing, and they’ve been pushing 7 for a few weeks now, and the constant jabs at Juan Castillo are getting a little irritating.

Kafka works up a sweat; Shady joins workouts – Les Bowen,

A recap of yesterday’s player workouts.



  1. The Legend says:

    It’s not about Shady being better then other RBs in that top 100 show it’s about him being better then other players. I haven’t watched it yet but will eventually I have read that there is a FB on there that mainly blocks & plays less then 40% snaps in the 60’s & I guess Brandon Lloyd just came up somewhere in the 40’s or 50’s(forget where there at right now since I’m not watching) I’d take Shady over those two & I’d take a lot of other players over those two. Greg Jennings was in the 80’s I believe how can you tell me with a straight face that Brandon Lloyd is better then him

    1. Ha, yeah, you read that here. It’s Vonta Leach.

      1. The Legend says:

        Actually I think the first place I read it was PFT because they were saying Andre Johnson wants him back really bad

        1. Screw you, Kenny. Let me have my moment

          1. The Legend says:

            OK! Have your moment

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