Anyone for some Buckeyes in the supplemental draft? Which NFC East teams could have interest?


Mike Adams displays his awesome tattoos.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the supplemental draft, here’s a quick primer.  According to ESPN, an NFL official on Tuesday told Adam Schefter that the supplemental draft will be held sometime in July — if there are applicants.  So far, there aren’t any, but that could change if 5 suspended Ohio St. players choose to bail out of college early and enter the pros in the wake of Jim Tressel’s resignation.

Dan Kadar of Mocking the Draft projected where he thought those five Ohio St. prospects might land in the supplemental draft, and I’ll take a guess as to what NFC East teams might have interest in the four players Dan suspects would ultimately land with an NFL team:

1) Mike Adams
6’8, 308 pounds | Offensive tackle | Ohio State

Adams was the Buckeyes’ starting left tackle the last two seasons and has 17 career starts. He was a first-team All-Big 10 player last season. As a pro prospect, Adams looks much more like a right tackle who needs to add strength to his frame. He’s a long player who, in comparison to other linemen, is lean. In pass protection, Adams is a little stiff moving to his left, especially in his second move. He has optimum length for the position but not the foot quickness. He’s shown the ability to anchor on the edge in the run, but isn’t a drive blocker. For a tall lineman, he gets good leverage.

Supplemental draft value: Round 5

Dan’s ranking of Adams seems to be much lower than others, as a few draftniks have Adams projected as a first round pick in 2012.  I think pretty much all the NFC East teams could be in play for Adams, with the most obvious team to have interest being the Giants.  Kareem McKenzie will be 32 this season, and David Diehl will be 31.  They need to start getting younger along the OL… Now.  In the 2011 draft the Giants made perceived value plays in the first three rounds, drafting a corner, a DT, and a WR, none of which were particular needs.  They did eventually grab OT James Brewer in the 4th.  By my count, the Giants only have 6 draft picks in the 2012 draft, which should also be a consideration.

The Eagles will be loaded with draft picks, as they have 9 draft picks stockpiled in 2012, a number that’s likely to grow whenever they trade Kevin Kolb – It could make some sense for them, even though they drafted 3 interior offensive linemen this year.  The Redskins have 8 picks in 2012, and could also use an OT to develop behind Jamaal Brown at RT.  Dallas finally addressed their dire need for OL help this draft, and should be set at OT for a while.

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Dan Herron
5’10, 205 pounds | Running back | Ohio State

Get Dan’s full break down on Herron here.

Supplemental draft value: Round 5

The Redskins drafted Roy Helu and Even Royster, so I’d have to imagine they’re out of the equation.  Ditto that for the Eagles, who drafted Dion Lewis out of Pitt.  Double ditto that for the Cowboys, who drafted DeMarco Murray in the 3rd round, and already have Felix Jones, Tashard Choice and the soon to be cut Marion Barber on their rosters.  Once again, the Giants would make the most sense here, although I think they’d also likely take a pass.

DeVier Posey
6’2, 213 pounds | Wide receiver | Ohio State

Pryor’s top target in 2010, Posey is a thin wide receiver who excels on comeback routes and shallow crossing patterns. He’s a little inconsistent in and out of his breaks and needs to learn how fire quicker on his cuts. Has displayed good hands at times catching the ball away from his frame. Still, Posey is a wide receiver who too frequently drop easy passes (see the Iowa game last season when he dropped a wide open touchdown pass). Has a game that is similar to that of Steve Smith of the New York Giants. Posey has a lot of nice pieces in his game, but he’s not a top-level prospect in any area.

Supplemental draft value: Round 4

Interesting that Dan cited Steve Smith as a comparative player.  Whenever players can once again commiserate with coaches, Steve Smith (a free agent) will be given a full medical evaluation, and the Giants will have to decide if they think he’s worth re-upping or not.  However, the supplemental draft will likely occur before players and coaches can speak.  Expect the Giants to pass.    The Redskins drafted 3 receivers – they’re out.  The Cowboys might make some sense here, as Roy Williams should mercifully be released if not this year, then likely next.  They took a flier on Dwayne Harris in the 6th this year.  The Eagles are very unlikely, as they’re stacked at WR with young talent.

Terrelle Pryor
6’6, 235 pounds | Quarterback/Athlete | Ohio State

A lightning rod of a prospect, Pryor’s pro position remains in question even after three years at quarterback. His numbers improved markedly in 2010, but some his top games were against Ohio, Eastern Michigan and Indiana. The measuring stick for Pryor should be former Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick, a second-round pick this year. Both are big, angular signal callers with strong arms, athleticism and questionable mechanics. The biggest difference between the two seems to be character and work ethic. By all accounts, Pryor lacks both and has thus far gotten by on his immense natural ability.

On the field, as a passer, Pryor has sometimes questionable decision making and is too quick to leave the pocket. Pryor’s best fit in the NFL may be split outside at wide receiver. He’s shown enough shiftiness and agility to be a natural conversion. The trouble is, no one knows if he can catch a ball. Regardless of what position Pryor plays in the NFL, he’s going to be a project both as a player and a person.

Supplemental draft value: Round 4

Oh man.  I don’t even know where to start here, and it’s probably way too early to speculate on Pryor.  The most obvious landing spot would be the Redskins, of course, but Pryor is years from being a viable starting NFL QB, and the Redskins need one right now.  I don’t see much of a fit with any of the other three Beasties.


  1. Rollo T says:

    Giants picked up Brewster in the draft, and with Beatty waiting in the wings I don’t see the Giants showing any legitimate interest in another tackle.

  2. Imp says:

    I could see Jerry Jones being stupid enough to waste a 4th or 5th on Pryor, with Romo being 31 and Kitna being born before Jesus Christ.

  3. The Legend says:

    I’ve read that people think they should get at least what USC has gotten. The best news out of all of this though to me is that there Rose Bowl victory over my Ducks is probably going to be taken away

  4. Number5 says:

    I would definitely give up a 5th for Mike Adams, would bring much needed competition for Justice

  5. The Legend says:

    Since we have Vick & he is probably going to be here for another 5 years, I wouldn’t mind taking a flyer on Pryor if it’s a 6th or 7th rounder we have to give up.

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