Linky – May 31, 2011


NFL teams and social media – Who’s hot and who’s not? – OCC, Blogging the Boys

Very cool post, the final two sentences aside.


Kafka working on metamorphosis to No 2 – Jeff McLane,

I’m going to start fining people for bad Franz Kafka puns.

Talking more Kolb – Darren Urban, Cardinals blog

A rare acknowledgement from a Cards writer that recognizes the Eagles still hold all the leverage in a deal for Kolb.

DeSean Jackson brings message to San Quentin – Eagletarian

What a diva.

Giants must prevent rivals from signing Plaxico Burress – John Fennelly,

This is the reaction I thought Giants fans would likely have. They don’t really want Plax back, but they sure as hell don’t want him in Philly.

Kolb: Stand up guy, but just a bit naive – Ashley Fox,

If Kolb were throwing temper tantrums demanding out, he’d be a jerk.  Because he’s playing the game, he’s naive.  Can’t win.

Giants, Redskins and Cowboys new after the jump)…


Smith says rehab on knee going well – Matt Loede, Giants Gab

He also says he’d still like to be a Giant.

Did you know Giants fans – Charles Costello,

Gianst-Eagles Week 3 could become Giants-Eagles Week 7 if the lockout goes into the season.

Based on right now, who wins the NFC East – Cowboys Gab

This is on a COWBOYS blog.  Hint – They didn’t vote for themselves, and they must really hate the Eagles.

New York Giants Notes – Lockout Links – Ed Valentine, Big Blue View

Some more linky for you.


FA Watch – Rob Phillips, Cowboys Mothership

Rob ponders Nnamdi Asomugha

Mavericks, not Cowboys, have become America’s team – Greg Stoda, Palm Beach Post

Stoda manages to piss of fans of both Dallas teams here.

Felix Jones over Rashard Mendenhall: Three years later numbers show why pick makes more sense – Rainer Sabin, DMN

While I agree Jones is probably a better fit for Dallas’ offense, he’s still very much been a disappointment.

Cowboys draft picks: Bill Nagy – Todd Archer, ESPN

Interview with Nagy’s OL coach at Wisconsin

Taking care of Doug Free is important – Calvin Watkins, ESPN



After stabbing, Banks looks more hungry – Andy Benoit, CBS

Per his dad.

Attendance at Redskins ‘minicamps’ compares favoerably – Rich Tandler

Of course they do Rich.  The Redskins placed first in the Blogging the Beast NFC East lockout-induced player-organized offseason workout power rankings.

Kyle Shanhan could be steering Redskins QB decisions – Gregg Rosenthal, PFT

I think I’d rather have Toonces steering for me.

Beck to be Redskins new quarterback? Baffling – Pete Prisco, CBS

Pete hasn’t been watching the Redskins’ front office the past decade or so.

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  1. Tracer Bullet says:

    I don’t get all the interest in a 34-year-old WR who’s been out of football for two years and almost certainly won’t contribute until 2012 when he’ll be 35, if he ever contributes at all. Didn’t he look to be slowing down two years ago? To say nothing about his reputation as a malcontent and a jerk. I find this all very confusing.

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