Fox Sports names Brandon Jacobs the 7th most injury prone player in the NFL

First of all, Fox Sports, knock it the eff off with your annoying page view padding slideshow nonsense.  Just write the effing column, list the effing players, and let the reader scroll down.  You’re not effing Bleacher Report, you’re Fox effing Sports.  Act like you effing belong.

OK, sorry about that… Here’s the link, or if you’d rather not click through 10 pages to get through the entire thing (complete with commercial interruptions), here’s the list in full.

10. Tom Brady 9. Matthew Stafford 8. Joseph Addai 7. Brandon Jacobs 6. DeAngelo Williams 5. Steve Smith (Panthers) 4. Donovan McNabb 3. Bob Sanders 2. Reggie Bush 1. Matt Schaub

I don’t even know where to start on this trash (and I’m not sure I want to waste my time pointing out all the ridiculousness), so I’ll just focus on Brandon Jacobs, the one NFC East player on this list (apologies to the soon to be departing the Beast, Donny Mac):

Year Games played Games missed
2010 16 0
2009 15 1
2008 13 3
2007 11 5
2006 15 1
2005 16 0
Totals 86 10

Yeah, uh, that would be 90%. And he’s the 7th most ‘injury-prone’ player in the NFL? I don’t think so.


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  3. Imp says:

    How does Matt Schuab become the top injury prone guy in the league? He hasn’t missed a start in two years. Stupid.

    1. Ry says:

      he has missed 85% of the his games in the last 4 seasons (5 in 2007 and 5 in 2008) but like you said 0 in the last two. Im sure if they did a little research they could find more injury prone players. He is definitely not #1 on the list maybe not even top 10.

  4. The Legend says:

    Surprised Mike Vick isn’t on there when it seems like the only thing you here is Eagles better make sure they have a good backup since Vick can’t play 16 games

    1. Norman says:

      He plays more in 12 games than some quarterbacks do in 16

    2. Haha, when I first saw the list, I was already writing the Vick ‘injury-prone’ rebuttal article in my head as I scrolled through, and was almost kind of annoyed he didn’t make it.

  5. Dan in Philly says:

    Fish, Barrel, and a smoking gun. The circumstancial evidence is pretty strong here, Jimmy. The jury won’t take long to convict…

  6. Stephen says:

    Why is Tom Brady on this list? Missing 1 season because of 1 injury does not make you “injury prone”.

  7. Matt says:

    What do they considered injured? On the injury report being listed Q, D, or O? Not trying to defend just that there might be more factors than just did he show up and play some downs. Although from the quality of the site i doubt they put that much research in the article.

    1. Not sure exactly what the criteria was, but no matter what it is, having Jacobs on the list is pretty indefensible.

    2. Norman says:

      If listing players as “questionable” is the critera, 1-10 should be patriot players.

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