Linky – May 26, 2011


Clinton Portis: It was time to vacate Washington – Rich Tandler’s Real Redskins

Great interview.

Beck’s an Eagle scout, served a Mormon mission, and might be the Redskins’ next starting QB

God bless you, Redskins fans.

Royster tastes reality after dream draft day – Mike Jones, WaPost

“Fullback Mike Sellers has served as positional coach, explaining the running backs’ tasks and responsibilities, and critiquing Royster and fellow rookie Roy Helu’s execution.”

Vinny and the Ochocinco trade that almost was – Parks Smith, Hogs Haven

This reminds me of that South Park baseball episode where each team is desperately trying to lose.

Colin Cowherd stands by his Sean Taylor critique – Dan Steinberg, DC Sports Bog

Colin Cowherd is an asshole.

(Eagles, Cowboys, and Giants news after the jump)…


Dez Bryant continues to show up

He should.

Jerry Jones gets special permission (to attend Tony Romo’s wedding) – Calvin Watkins and Ed Werder, ESPN

TWO jokes on this one!

– Jones will be watching the wedding on TV outside of the church.

– It took Calvin Watkins AND Ed Werder to break this story?  Really?

Free Agent Watch: Jets’ Ellis an experienced 3-4 DE – Josh Ellis, Cowboys Mothership

Josh Ellis just likes Shaun Ellis because they’re cousins.

Ten great Dallas Cowboys gifts for Father’s Day – Edwin Torres, Yahoo

A “real NFL GM” is not on the list.  Don’t actually click this, by the way.  It’s just a commercial for DirecTV and StubHub.  I just wanted to sneak that GM joke in there.

Cowboys kicking competition – Dan Graziano, ESPN East blog

I disagree that the rule change to move kickoffs to the 35 favors Buehler.  I think that making it easier to kick the ball through the endzone hurts Buehler’s value.


Kafka ready to take next step – Jeff McLane,

The Eagles coaching staff raves about Kafka any opportunity they get.  I didn’t see it in camp last year.  Eager to watch more closely this year.

Mid-June drop dead date for Birds at Lehigh – Les Bowen,

Speaking of camp, thanks for ruining my night, Les.  I’ll be extremely bummed if there’s no camp at Lehigh this year.

NFLPA won’t allow players to see owners’ most recent proposal? –  Jason Brewer, BGN


A Trade Proposal for Kevin Kolb – Jess Root, Revenge of the Birds (Cardinals blog)

The crux of it is the Cardinals’ 1 in 2012, plus either Tim Hightower or Greg Toler for Kolb and a 5 in 2012.  I’m not sure what Greg Toler does for the Eagles, seeing as they drafted Trevard Lindley in the 4th round last year, Curtis Marsh in the 3rd this year, and there are plenty of more attractive options that will be available in free agency that are better than Toler.  Hightower is moderately intriguing (I’ve always liked his game), but it’s not like he’d see the field for more than 5-10 snaps per game.   And the Eagles also have to give back a 5?  Pass.

Which Eagles have been left out of the Top 100? – Inside the Iggles

“Shady McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, Jason Peters, Quintin Mikell…any one of these players could easily be considered one of the best in the league at their position. So which slight pisses you off the most? Let us hear about it in the comments.”

Ehhhhh, if Peters made it, I wouldn’t be surprised, but the other three are unreasonable.


Giants will lean on Prince early – Eric Edholm, ProFootballWeekly

Eric thinks Prince can beat out Ross for the nickle job

Clinton Portis as a New York Giant? – Ed Valentine, Big Blue View

I actually think it makes a lot of sense.  The OL is getting really old and rickety, and Portis might be the best pass protecting RB in the NFL.

Nicks vs. Jackson – Giants Gab

Jackson’s better now, but Nicks will be better “in two years.”  So Nicks will continue to improve, while DeSean has reached his ceiling at the ripe old age of 24 years.  Makes sense.

Giants announce ticket winners – Ed Valentine, Big Blue View

I was rooting for this guy.




  1. That is a super-peachy-keen post. Thanks for really blathering on like that! Seriously, I don’t think I could have spent more effort wishing for something heavy to fall on me to erase that nonsense from my mind!

  2. Tracer Bullet says:

    I thought that trade proposal was a SWAP of 2012 #1 picks unless the Eagles pick before Arizona (as if), in which case a bunch of other more complicated stuff kicks in. I don’t know anything about Toler, but it sounds like this proposal is trying to score a franchise QB without giving up anything substantial.

    1. Yeah, there were actually two trade proposals in there. The first one is the one that I commented on, and there was a second suggestion in the second half of that link that tried to re-create the Matt Schaub deal. Re-creating past deals is a complete waste of time, in my opinion.

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