The Redskins had a very Eagle-like draft

I know the draft is old news by now, but since I’m a little late to the party in my coverage of the “other” NFC East teams, I wanted to point out that I thought the Redskins had themselves a hell of a draft.  I’m not talking about the players, mind you.  I’m not an NFL scout, and try not to play one in my writing.  We’ll find out how good the actual players are soon enough, but for now, I’d like to point out the masterful work the Redskins did turning 8 picks into 12, and adding sorely needed depth and youth to their ancient roster.

As an Eagles fan, I’ve grown accustomed to watching the Eagles move up and down in the draft, more often than not winding up with a bounty of picks, the sum of which outweighed what they originally began with.  For example, last year, the Eagles parlayed their 2nd round pick (55th overall) into 6 players:

–          A three – Daniel Te’o-Nesheim

–          A four – Mike Kafka

–          A four – Clay Harbor

–          A five – Ricky Sapp

–          A five – Riley Cooper

–          A five in 2011 – Dion Lewis

Here’s how they did it.  That’s how you work a draft.

The Redskins draft this year reminded me a lot of what the Eagles have done in the past, and they were able to do it without a full complement of picks.  Let’s look at what they did:

(cont after the jump)…

–          First they traded out of the 10th spot with the Jaguars and picked up the Jags’ 16th overall pick (Ryan Kerrigan), and the 49th overall pick.

–          They then flipped the Jags’ 49th overall pick to the Colts, moving back just 4 spots to 53, and picked up the Colts 5th round pick (152nd) overall.

–          At 53, the Redskins made another modest move back again, this time with the Bears, collecting the 62nd overall pick, and the Bears’ 4th round pick (127th overall).

–           With that 62nd overall pick from Chicago, they got Miami’s three (79th overall), their five (146th overall), and their seven (217th overall).  79 would become instant fan favorite Leonard Hankerson, 146 would become DeJon Gomes, and 217 would become Maurice Hurt.

–          OK, now hang in there with me on this one – Remember the 127th pick they got from the Bears and the 152nd pick from the Colts?  Of course you do.  The Redskins took those two picks along with their original fifth round pick (144th), and moved up to 105 with the Texans to draft Roy Helu, and picked up the Texans’ 6th rounder (178th) in the process.  178 would become Aldrick Robinson.

Head hurt yet?  No worries.  I’ll simplify it for you:

Went into the draft with… Actually drafted at… Pick
1st round (10th overall) 1st round (16th overall) Ryan Kerrigan
2nd round (41st overall) 2nd round (41st overall) Jarvis Jenkins
5th round (144th overall) 3rd round (79th overall) Leonard Hankerson
5th round (155th overall) 4th round (105th overall) Roy Helu
6th round (177th overall) 5th round (146th overall) Dejon Gomes
7th round (213rd overall) 5th round (155th overall) Niles Paul
7th round (224th overall) 6th round (177th overall) Evan Royster
7th round (253rd overall) 6th round (178th overall) Aldrick Robinson
7th round (213th overall) Brandyn Thompson
7th round (217th overall) Maurice Hurt
7th round (224th overall) Markus White
7th round (253rd overall) Chris Neild

Pretend the above chart is a menu at a restaurant. You have two choices – the “Went into the draft with” column, or the “Actually drafted at” column. Pretty much a no-brainer, right? I’m no stranger to criticizing the Redskins’ front office, but credit where credit it due – They worked the crap out of this draft.  Now we wait and see if they chose the right players.


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  4. Coebtedyday says:

    I agree, it’s well, probably next

  5. ENsDad27 says:

    I thought the Redskins did great in adding picks & making good choices, other than passing on Blaine Gabbert. I know you can’t eat your cake & have it too, but no matter how well Kerrigan, Hankerson & the others turn out, missing on that “franchise QB” is a mistake

  6. Dan in Philly says:

    Jimmy you ignorant slut, clearly the Redskins were just adopting the flavor of the month approach to drafting, wanting to emulate the Eagles who always get good marks for their draft savvy. Wait and see if the 1) draft choices actually pan out, and 2) if the Skins actually continue to work the draft in future years, or simply go to the next fad.

  7. bsencore says:

    If I read this right, they turned the 6 spot drop in the 1st into 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 7th round picks. If the Redskins thought Kerrigan was the best on their board anyway, looks like a big win. It also lines up almost exactly according to the draft value chart (300 pts = 303.6, math below).

    (10th-16th) 300 pts = (79th) 195 pts + (105th) 84 pts + (178th) 20 pts + (217th) 4.6 pts

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