Linky – May 24, 2011

OK, so these links posts take up a lot of space on the front page, so from now on I’ll be putting one team’s links on the front page, and the rest after the jump.  Since the Eagles won the division last year, they go first.  Did I mention I’m an Eagles fan?


Howard Mudd and the Philadelphia Eagles offensive line – Tommy Lawlor, SBN Philly

What does the Eagles OL look like for 2011?

Handicapping Kevin Kolb’s next team – Brian Solomon, McNabb or Kolb (or Vick)

I like the Browns at 7-1 and the Cards at 2-1.

PFF: DeSean Jackson led the NFL in drop % – Jason Brewer, BGN

I remember a few drops here and there, but worst in the league?

Eagles’ Graham faces challenges coming back from knee injury – Jonathan Tamari,

Brandon is rehabbing 5 days a week from the first serious injury in his career.

Would Burress fit with Eagles? – Sheil Kapadia,

Sheil isn’t buying in.


Terrell Thomas: Prince a fresh addition – Ohm, ESPN NY

Get it?  Fresh Prince?

Giants notes: Please keep Plax out of Philly, please – Mike Farley, Big Blue View

I don’t think Giants fans would mind seeing Plax sign anywhere, except Philly.

Predicting full season stats for the Giants 2011 draft picks – Jeff Stuhl, Bleacher Report

Proceed only if you feel like clicking 10 times through one of those annoying and completely unnecessary page view generating slideshows to see some overly optimistic numbers for this year’s Giants’ draft class.

Assistants and agent caught in the crossfire – Greg Bedard, Boston Globe

No paycuts for the coaching staffs of 7 NFL teams, including the Eagles, Giants, and Cowboys.  Dan Snyder stays true to form.


2011 class brings help on special teams – Rob Phillips, Cowboys Mothership

Rob goes out of way to make sure he doesn’t compare the 2011 class to the atrocities of the 2009 draft class.

New numbers reveal why the Cowboys had to draft an offensive lineman in the first round – Rainer Sabin, SportsDay DFW

Spoiler – 66% of Kitna’s passes were under 10 yards.

Schefter likes the Cowboys – Dan Graziano, ESPN NFC East blog

Schefter’s THE guy when it comes to breaking news, but I’m not sure I’d take his roster evaluation overly serious.

Receiving drop percentages: Bryant and Witten phenomenal, Austin needs to rebound – KD Drummond, Blogging the Boys

Witten caught 94, dropped 3.  I’d say “phenomenal” is fair.

Bears DB could be hometown fit – Nick Eatman, Cowboys Mothership

I agree. Daniel Manning makes a lot of sense.


Redskins roster churn – Rich Tandler, CSN

Which Redskins on offense are goners?

Mark Rypein on John Beck and what quarterbacks gain from sitting – Matt Terl, Redskins Blog

Skins fans… John Beck isn’t really the starting QB this year, right?

Terrence Austin and Fred Davis on John Beck – Dan Steinberg, DC Sports Bog

Skins fans… John Beck isn’t really the starting QB this year, right?

Former Ravens QB John Beck now a cult hero in Washington – Matt Vensel, Baltimore Sun, The Wire

Skins fans… John Beck isn’t really the starting QB this year, right?

Competition brewing on kick returns? – Gary Fitzgerald,

Competition is great and all, yada yada yada, but let’s get real here.  The returner is Brandon Banks.

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